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  Maikilangiolo - Mod application
Posted by: Maikilangiolo - 04-17-2021, 03:35 PM - Forum: Applications - No Replies



Discord Name:Maikilangiolo


Time in SS13:Spring/Summer 2019, I can say I played a varied number of servers and have been active a lot lately on Halostation

Any SS13 Bans:None permanent, a few very short ones. On CM ignoring EORG autobans (all of them accidental or due to suicide), received a 3 hour ban for saying an inappropiate "18+" word in LOOC or deadchat. One on halostation for piloting a covenant ship as a marine and using it against them, and one on Eris for saying a meme using a desk request console, both day long.

Prior Moderation experience: None, unfortunately, but I gotta start somewhere. The server is small and quiet enough to be a nice first experience imo

Personally, I think the most important thing about moderating is:Well I think it's about seeing the bigger picture. Instead of taking hasty decision like issuing kicks, bans or mutes a moderator should take their time to judge the situation, if it's a recurring one, first offense, how serious it is etc. Hell, ask senior staff first if you are unsure, it's the best thing to do before you made a bad decision. Being composed and impartial is another big thing, I know doing moderation work when being directly involved is not a smart choice.

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  Xyodo's Covenant Application
Posted by: Xyodo - 04-13-2021, 10:04 AM - Forum: Recruiting Citadel - No Replies

Ckey: Xyodo

Discord name: Xyodo

In-character name: Xeko 'Vuramee

General Character Info:

Xeko 'Vuramee was a rather lesser known Sangheili Minor, possessing next to no accolades, and somewhat clumsy. He is still dedicated to the Great Journey and has always been loyal to a fault. He prides himself in his honesty and word. The only major battle that Xeko participated in was the canon first contact, (Held Dec 21, 2018) which was a bit of a disaster. The story is a little foggy here because I'm not exactly sure how to play this out, but mechanically he didn't make it through the battle, essentially missing in action. Because I've been out of the server for a few years I figure his wounds were so grievous that he was either captured alive or brought back to the ship and subsequently frozen in a cryopod or some other solution to this time-gap (I'm open to suggestions! I have no idea how many flaws this story could have, or what would be easiest/most interesting to go with). Whatever his means of returning to the conflict in the current canon timeline, he no doubt has emerged into a less familiar scenario, and thanks to his relatively unassuming history, will likely not be readily recognized by many comrades (unless if not much time has progressed in canon, in which case this transition will be much easier for him).

Until I figure out the foggy details of Xeko's story, I'll be playing my Unggoy, Yudyud. He's a simple individual and he is particularly content with his life. So long as he has food and the Great Journey to give him purpose, he will serve to his fullest. Yudyud's main concern is performing well as a means to avoid attracting the anger of his higher-ups, so while he may slack off from time to time, he's sure to try and perform well when his leaders are watching.

Reason for joining:

For personal reasons I had to stop playing for a few years, but now I'm back at it! I still love the covenant and halo in general. I recently played a bit of Halo: MCC with my brother, and in addition to remembering the fun we had long ago, it reminded me of this server. I am interested in how much has been added as well as how the timeline has progressed. Halo 2 has left me wanting more of the Covenant perspective. The organization of the Covenant has always interested me, particularly its variety of species united under one purpose, even though the purpose is somewhat twisted by their prophets.

Roleplay Example:

I was playing on the SS13 World Server for the first time, and I was quickly killed by a simple mob in the sewers while exploring. By the time any players had discovered my body it was too far gone to resuscitate and I was brought to the roboticist. In the MMI I was informed of two options: Become a cyborg, or receive Full-Body Prosthetics, essentially becoming an IPC with a human brain. I chose the latter, but quickly found out that as a fresh player I had not enough funds to even afford the prosthetics. Luckily the kind roboticist paid for them in my stead, essentially taking an informal loan with him as my creditor.

The next round I played with the occupation of sanitation technician in order to begin accruing funds to repay him (account balances persist on World Server). On this second round there happened to be a big event with a ton of enemies, natural disasters, etc. As the city that World Server takes place on descended into chaos I came across the same roboticist who had saved me and paid the bill for my prosthetics. He had been struck with lightning and was in near-critical condition, and due to the chaos his health was declining. I knew that this person was very important to my character and therefore did my best to protect and assist the roboticist as he could no longer walk and constantly shifted in and out of consciousness. Against the odds, demons and chaos, I managed to drag him in a rollerbed all throughout the convoluted evacuation procedures. To put it succinctly, it was perhaps the most exciting roleplaying I had ever done, to so quickly find a person my character was indebted to and through his love for this roboticist, rise above his simple limitations. He grew from a fool who died to a giant sewer crab to one of the few survivors of the cataclysm, and although all he really did was run away from the monsters and weave through the city debris, he saved another person's life in the end.

Roleplay History:

I've been in and out of a few servers on Space Station 13, although I've struggled with sticking around in any one place for too long. I'm making progress in that regard, and I'm also getting more familiar with various roleplaying features such as writing out actions and such, my time on World Server helped with that. I'm no expert, but I certainly won't have my characters running around saying "lol" and the like. I don't believe I've caused any trouble in any roleplaying community, but I do worry sometimes I might've wrecked someone's immersion, so my roleplaying is a bit stiff for fear of saying something out of line. I'm certain the more I play on this server, the less of that concern I'll have.

I'm excited to join the community, I'll be checking in and joining as an Unggoy if I see some people on in the meantime. Keep an eye out for Yudyud and please let me know if anything is amiss.

If you want to view my old application, here's a link:

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  my UNSC whitelist
Posted by: jdeuce22 - 04-08-2021, 06:13 PM - Forum: Recruiting Center - No Replies


Discord name:jdeuce22

In-character name: Jack Nack

general character info: born, raised militaristically, home and town destroyed, and joined army at the minimum age required

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): at the moment it's marine spec, but I'm hoping to get them to ODST some time in the future

Reason for joining : if it's for joining the UNSC rather than the Covvies, it's one reason, I just think that the spartans and marines of the UNSC are fighting for a better purpose in the games, and I'd like to help in that fight over here.

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Wink Khopa'Rotamee App
Posted by: Khopa'Rotamee - 04-02-2021, 03:04 PM - Forum: Recruiting Citadel - Replies (1)

Ckey: Night_Fang212

Discord name: Night Fang#9954

In-character name: Khopa'Rotamee

general character info: Khop'Rotamee is a typical Sangheili in the covenant who strives to join the ranks of the honored Spec Ops under the command of Rtas Vadamee

Reason for joining: The Sangheili are my favorite race in halo besides Spartans and T-Vaoan

Roleplay Example/History: I play on Sojourn, desert rose, Skyrat and Escalation

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  Myphicbowser's Covenant Application
Posted by: Myphicbowser - 03-21-2021, 10:50 AM - Forum: Recruiting Citadel - Replies (1)

Ckey: Myphicbowser

Discord name: Myphicbowser#7684

In-character name: Nor

General character info: Nor used to be a miner on some nameless asteroid in nowhere space, eating garbage hydroponic food and working as a salvager on wrecked ships and barely making enough to make ends meet. He decided to join with the covenant because a working ship, food probably, and finally leaving his dead end life that was slowly but surely leading to piracy.

Reason for joining: I love Halo, always have, and I love the idea of the Covenant in and of itself, it is an interesting society. Also, I've always wanted to find a good Halo RP server that was more then just four people doing the same things over and over again hoping others would join in, and from what I have heard this server does have good population and some fun times, which I would like to be part of hopefully.

Roleplay Example/History: I was a pretty prevalent RPer on Baystation for a long time, but after that I become frequent player on Aurora and I still play it from time to time. I've been RPing since I was very young, as it is just something I enjoy, and I still do RP on Gmod and such when possible, but I just prefer SS13 RP as it is simplistic enough to allow for more immersion during certain events, because Ragdolling Gmod models and just how not good for RP it is makes it hard to invest correctly on those servers.

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  Anderson UNSC re app
Posted by: Caveman - 02-28-2021, 06:10 PM - Forum: Recruiting Center - No Replies

Ckey:Anderson Favi

Discord name:agent_skipper#8703

In-character name: Vivian Keener

general character info: Vivian Keener is a bold and balsy marine sometimes and sometimes a calm and thinking man.
Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc):Marine,ODST

Reason for joining :I want to get the Hellbringer Whitelist

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  Shark and the various isms of halostation 13
Posted by: tauman - 02-16-2021, 06:54 AM - Forum: Office of Investigations (OI) - Replies (7)

Your CKEY/BYOND username: taumanta

Admin's CKEY/BYOND username: Sharklordsatan

Details of complaint: Essentially, ever since getting mod perms, shark's been on a personal crusade against anything that could be considered some kind of bigotry. Normally that'd be all well and good, but given how far she's overreached to the point of making about 12-18 of the most active players just up and ditch over goddamn brackets this is obviously going too far. 

The whole argument that the brackets are anti-semetic doesn't even work that well considering they're supposed to be used to mark a jewish person's name, which, well, they weren't. They were used on just about any word. Frankly I have a hard time seeing how you could spin danny saying smelly serbians as a jewish name. 

This isn't the first time shark's overreached either. Trying to ban the word retard as a slur against autistic people (even though nobody uses it that way) is the second time they've gone on a crusade against some random -ism which no-one really had a problem with. The whole shitshow around the word faggot as well; once again, that word was a-okay and completely fine, to the point where just about any staff member from the host, (former) co-host, head admins (when they existed anyway), head dev, devs, admins, mods, all didn't have a single problem with it and used it themselves. Now it's banned because, well, shark's afraid it might make a gay person feel uncomfortable. Hasn't been any actual complaints about it from gay people, just a shark issue. 

Which brings the whole argument full circle-the list of things shark is banning/jailing people for all seems to be a personal issue. That can be acceptable in some cases, but when it leads to half the active pop nuking itself rather than put up with shark's problems about them calling each other retarded or saying (((secret serbian flag))) is actually some form of antisemitism it starts to become a problem. Nobody likes an admin coming into a random conversation where everyone's having a good time and start threatening people with bans because they're creating an "toxic environment". If anything the admin's the only one causing a toxic environment, seeing as everyone else is just having a good time and the only reason the admin's there is to give players shit for practically nothing. 

Considering how rat was demodded and banned for less than causing 15 regulars to just outright ditch the server it's mental to think that shark pulling this is somehow okay because antisemitism or whatever.

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  Kewis App to become Cov
Posted by: ehMGee - 02-15-2021, 05:06 PM - Forum: Recruiting Citadel - No Replies

Ckey: EhMGee

Discord name: MG#9334

In-character name: Kewis

general character info: I'll have to find the txt doc but your normal mischevious unggoy with a hangering for some light heresy (Because bullets are kinda cool, make loud loud.)

Reason for joining : TO RENDER GOD DECEASED

Roleplay Example/History: I have played on this server back when Jirals were being added, and during the advent of ingame hunters. I never had to have a talking-to, so I hope that's proof enough that I at least wasn't a total shitter.

To speed things up, I shall post a SS of the thread where I got accepted before the rollbacks.
[Removed by moderation action]

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Posted by: Kelso - 02-12-2021, 06:11 PM - Forum: Recruiting Center - Replies (1)

Ckey: kelso33

Discord name: Kelso#0005

In-character name: Cassie Sarion

general character info: violent sociopath with a long history of violence and buried sub-par terrorist activities. takes tuesdays off.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): ODST close quarters specialist. Village schizophrenic.

Reason for joining : i return once more

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  3rd App, even tho im listed as covi i was told to reapply
Posted by: M.Green - 02-09-2021, 11:09 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

[img]chrome-extension://hiidjliailpkjeigakikbfedlfijngih/images/right-arrow.png[/img] Yes I’m Ckey: M.Green

Discord name: Dogler

In-character name: Sye'ten

general character info: 
Sye'ten can be seen as an inspiration influence and spiritual Sangheili is known for his fearless attitude and his risky actions to accomplish his goal. When he first became an Elite he was on the ship of the Kig-Yar that first made contact with the Human race and ended up retreating due to the commanding Sangheilis orders. Later Sye'ten and a group of elites publicly killed the commanding Elite for cowering and retreating and not upholding their Sangheili code. Sye'ten then insured that anyone and everyone followed there code and would fight with honor and to the death with the evenly matched unknown opponent, know as the UNSC. Sye'ten fights to the death if in a duel.

Reason for joining: I want to join because, in general halo has fascinated me. Also, I was already part of the covenant empire but for me making poor choices I was removed and I do agree with the punishment and am happy that I was allowed to reapply. I love the server and have loved it for a while now, playing mostly as an Unggoy (when I had it) I don't wish to be forgiven I just hope to be giving another chance to prove I can be a good and sensible player. I also play a lot of halo related games like on garrys mod and arma. Plus the military academy is boring and I need something to do,


I was told to " Go reapply, Have fun Smile" Even tho all of my custom armor and stuff is in the game so here is my third app

Roleplay Example/History: 

Out of server:
On a garrys mod server I was the Supreme commander of the Covenant forces and later on the leader of Swords of Sangheilis, But everyone know Garrys mod does not have that good rp based servers. I like to play on both 1732 and Lebensraum beyond servers, taking prisoners and being taken prisoners in both. In one examples in 1732 I was the British Officer on a 4 colony map. I decided that we should seek allies. After that I sent our multiple letters to other colony that were french and Spanish. We never got word back so I send out one of my own guys to deliver them the letter. When he come back he brought a letter he stole from the French. The letter said they were going to attack us with Spanish at there side, so we decided to counterattack. We snuck by many patrols and quickly rushed the french settlement and were repealed. I was taken prisoner and near death. My boys ended up breaking me out and helped me return home.
I also plays on Bad claw fallout server and The Star treck 13 server along with the Alien server.

In-Server Ex:
I don't know if they want speech but some examples of my roleplay are when I brokered a deal of peace and trade between the Pirates and the Colony. Another example with the same Colony was when I offered my assistance and help expand the Colony so one of the spaceports had a lobby with windows and protection from others. Another example was when I was assigned the Medical Unggoy and helped save the ship mistress and impressing her with my skills. Also, I was captured by the UNSC as an Unggoy and turned into a robot.


I am already listed as a covi officer and have lead As a Sangheili Major, many others into battle, 
But my most eventful RP experience was when there was a battle or skirmish. It was at the Colony and the INNIE and UNSC where at a temporary truce to get rid of a certain ship AKA our ship the Pirate ship. While they Colony and Pirates where allies. They Colony declared independence and the UNSC and Innie attacked them. Lucky for the colony the Covi ship was at dock 3 the closest dock to them. Once the Covi arrived which was 3 unggoy and 2 Kig, the battle had already started, Most of the Colony was being either destroyed or being beaten back to the lower levels, at that moment the Covi was able to flank the UNSC because the Innie were no-were to be found. The Plasma pistols were the best weapon to use due to there ability where they were able to short doors and comms. The UNSC was eventually cut off into small groups of soldiers and then got pulverized by the Covi weapons. Blowing there heads off and taking their helmets as trophies.

More depth with factions details IE: roles, etc will be added later. 

Unggoy: Sye'ten does not despise the Unggoy but also doesn't like them. He respects them for being an ally and assisting in supplying a large number of the soldiers for fighting the UNSC but thinks they are weak and need better leadership to become a worthy opponent, but due to most of them cowering in the site of a battle he had yet to see that day come.

Jiralhanae: "Nothing but Mindless brutes" But worthy opponents 

Mgalekgolo: Due to there strong effectiveness in battle, Sye'ten respects them very much and knows they are a strong player in the war. Even if they don't have a code they are a powerful ally

Kig'Yar: Sye'ten has some to no respect for the Kig'Yar knowing the seem to cause problems with the other species in battle. But favors them for the exceptional effectiveness in battle.

(Despite all of these relationships due to RP, some Factions may be more of a favorable ally to Sye'ten in the future)

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