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  JediCaster's Covenant App
Posted by: JediCaster_ - Yesterday, 03:26 AM - Forum: Recruiting Citadel - No Replies

Ckey: JediCaster

Discord name: JediCaster#3125

In-character name: Ino 'Kongfoo

General character info: A Sangheili Ranger, who comes from a distant tribe on Sangheilos. His hunting and survival skills were all taught from his elders at a young age. Silent and reserved.

Reason for joining: After playing a dozen rounds as an Unggoy, I overall enjoy role playing as Covenant than any other faction.

Roleplay Example/History: Neverwinter Nights, Garry's Mod.

More depth with factions details IE:

Unggoy: Plentiful canon fodder amongst the ranks. Their blind loyalty could be useful...
King-Yar: Just a little bit faster. On the winning side when it comes to rank hierarchy on Unggoy; an extreme bias Ino harbors.
Jiralhanae: An unsweet, teeth grinding rivalry. Ino always feels uncertain of their authority.
San'Shyuum: Only the upmost respect for the prophets. Little reason to doubt their will.

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  Player report on Prophet of Pancakes(discord Someone Random#5544?
Posted by: PantasTheDank - Yesterday, 12:03 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (2)

Another unfortunate report that I have to make,it brings me no joy to do this but I have to as I was told.

To start, this player applied for a shipmaster a while ago,the first red flags about him was his appeal.
It was to put it bluntly,very vague and poorly made, they state they joined the covenant faction on 24th of August,2018. Yet on the next question about their memorable roleplay moments,not a single one struck them enough. It wouldn't be much of a problem if Shipmaster wasn't mostly a tactical/roleplay role.
Next question was if they understood RoE,they said yes,this will be important later.
The funny thing was that they said in their application that one of the reasons they wanted to be a shipmaster is to get "a kickass energy blade and giving orders", this will be important later.
Last question was why should they be whitelisted,to which they responded with "I've been a covenant member for well over five months, and I think its time to apply for this whitelist that opened around a week ago. I've had some good roleplay on some other servers, and I think I can provide some good roleplay in this server as a command role aswell." This too will be important later.
They application was vague and barebones,compared to our newer shipmaster,who took time and effort to make a shipmaster application.
Now we're getting to a few real problems.
After a day or so after they posted their application they started getting a little passive aggressive,saying something along the lines of "Im patient but not THAT patient".
When he got accepted,he went for his first game,I happened to be playing the same round as well as 24THBN.
First off he didn't do any roleplay,outright ignored greetings,would be silent for a long periods of time, this would become evident when he sent a kig-yar down on KS7,for atleast 10 minutes he wouldn't even ask for a status report until I would,and even after that he'd just stand still and do nothing,he was not afk,he would answer questions.
After doing nothing for half an hour I decided to ask him if we were going to do nothing for another 30 minutes,to which he said "maybe..."
He then asked the kig-yar for status report, Kigyar says theres only snow and hostile local fauna and the settlement he can't enter without being seen, shipmaster finnaly tells the kig-yar to go into the settlement,kig-yar finds minor artifacts and gets them back,shipmaster sets course to the base,and ghosts in the middle of the base.
We wasted 1 hour and 17 minutes in total on doing basically nothing.
He broke no rules but he showed hes clearly not going to bring any RP as he said in his appeal,he showed no signs of competance, but lets ignore that for a moment.
A few weeks later, he decides to play a kig-yar, go to VT9,kill a marine and take his gear and equip it,including using a mongoose for fun.
He then tried to inflitrate bertels,he fails,round ends.
New round he does the same thing,but abbandons SDV,and the shipmaster on it faxes about it,he gets a fax back saying to hunt the heretical kig-yar down.
Now let me bring up some things he said in his appeal.
**Do you understand the RoE? I do.**
He clearly didn't, as what he did was unnessesary Major heresy 
* Kig-Yar and Unggoy are allowed to secretly commit minor heresy, minor and major heresy being subjective to the situation. Sangheili is expected to uphold by the tenants as strict law and to make the others adhere to it. Unggoy Deacons are also treated as Sangheili in this regard. Bags are prohibited due to mechanical reasons, belts are allowed as minor heresy.*
His situation didn't warrant using the mongoose nor equiping marine armor.
He did the same thing again next round minus the mongoose and died to innies.
Not only that,but he claimed on Battlenet that he can commit Minor and Major heresy while not on SDV,he was not on missionary,he was just going around VT9,then boarded Thorn and got killed by innies.

Pictures for refference

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  411Rohans Sanghelli Application
Posted by: Rohan411 - 02-18-2019, 07:40 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (2)

Ckey: 411Rohan

Discord name: Despacito Empire

In-character name: Vot'Sazum

general character info: Vot'Sazum like many other Sanghelli is filled with a fanatical devotion to the Prophets, the Covenant and The Great Journey. He is extremely honorable believing that all foes no matter what race or whom they serve deserve an honorable warriors death, and in that case he has found strong moral conflict in serving with the Covenant where he has had to on many times do things that directly go against his own morals. In certain cases he has even let surrendering human soldiers , wounded and civilians escape when his superiors weren't around of course. Other than that he is rather loud spoken and has been extremely cocky on more than one occasion. 

Reason for joining : I've been playing on the Halo server for awhile and was even around during it's start when ODSTS were just a time locked job. Since then I've had to change accounts due to my account getting hacked. I've always loved Sanghelli and Covenant lore and I believe it would be an extremely enjoyable experience to play as one.

Role play Example/History: I have been role playing for around 8 years. I only started getting into SS-13 around two years ago and since then have fallen in love with it and it's community. Other than that I have spent 3 years rping on Gmod HL2, Halo, and SCP role plays even achieving staff on quite a few servers..

More depth with factions details IE: roles, etc will be added later.

Unggoy - Like most Sanghelli Vot sees these aliens as obnoxious cowardly pests, though a select few have gained his respect due to their loyalty.

Sanghelli - Vat holds a high esteem for his own race, seeing them as superior to nearly all the other races in the covenant aside from the Prophets themselves.

Kig'yar - Vat believes that they are dishonorable untrustworthy creatures and tries to best to avoid contact with them.

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  URF Application
Posted by: Egorium - 02-18-2019, 04:35 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Egorium

Discord name: ClickerOfDegrod

In-character name: Ethan Coldsmith

general character info: 30 years old man,blue eyes,red hair

Reason for joining : The more Ethan served in the UNSC, the more this organization became disgusted with him. Once he was wounded on the assignment and because of the negligence of the doctors he almost died. After this he was recruited to URF 
(Sorry my english,its not my language) Я украинец,слава Украине

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  WarlordToby's application
Posted by: WarlordToby - 02-18-2019, 12:26 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (2)

Ckey: WarlordToby

Discord name:WarlordToby#8551

In-character name: Maxwell Hunter

general character info: Maxwell is a calm and an independent personality, whose greatest enemy is himself. He spent his early life on the rimworld ring, where he was strongly influenced by the locals muttering about the unfairness the UEG makes them go through. He joined the UNSC marines at age of 24 after finishing medical school. Constant fighting made Maxwell question his morals and the cause he fights for. 

Maxwell's turning point was his own capture. To his surprise, he was treated well. Though he was forced to perform surgery on wounded civilians after major attack on insurrection, he came to an understanding that he is fighting for the wrong cause.

Reason for joining: I have played UNSC, been there, done that. I believe I will feel at home with URF as I discovered that playing innie actually is fun and interesting.

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  Winters' Covenant App
Posted by: Winters - 02-17-2019, 04:08 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: BillyRW99

Discord name:Winters #4145

In-character name: Gak

General Character Info: Gak is a kig-yar who tries to look over most situations before making a move rather than just running into a situation recklessly (Unless ordered to just run into a situation recklessly. Like a lot of kig-yar, she's mostly part of the covenant more for herself rather than being a part of it for any sort of cause. She can recognize a hopeless situation when she sees one, valuing self preservation over dying for the covenant.

Reason for Joining: I was inactive for a while when the server was sweeping inactive users, so I'm looking to rejoin.

More depth with factions details IE:

Unggoy- While she does see them as being beneath kig-yar, she admits that they do have their uses. It seems like such a waste to make enemies with them through needless cruelty.

Kig-yar- She doesn't feel too strongly about them one way or another. She might have preference to them, being one herself, but that's about it.

Sangheili- She acknowledges them as superiors, but would ultimately value her own life over loyalty to them if it came down to it.

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  Yacobpo157's UNSC Application
Posted by: Yacobpo157 - 02-17-2019, 01:05 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Yacobpo157

Discord name: Yacobpo157#7285

In-character name: Jacob Stone

General character info: Born to a middle class family on Earth, his father an Assault Recon Marine and his mother a devoted spouse, he was quickly instilled with the core values of the UNSC and strives to live up to his father's example. Eventually he would be picked up by the Office of Naval Intelligence, under Section III, as a Security Squad Leader at a classified location to best use his talents. Although he tries to set a good example, he has an attitude problem, and is a closeted "racist" against outer-system colonists as he views them all as URF or URF supporters. Because if they run they're URF, and if they stand then they're well trained URF

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): ONI Security Squad Leader

Reason for joining : While I was active some months ago, I'm looking to become active again and have fun with the server and the community by rejoining it actively. I still have the UNSC tag on the Discord so I'm not sure if I'm still whitelisted or not so I'm making this just to be safe. More over, I'm hoping to eventually reapply and rejoin the ODSTs as an officer again.

Thank you for reading.

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Posted by: Spessmun - 02-16-2019, 09:45 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Spessmun

Discord name: senioritis (on the discord server it's spessmun)

In-character name: Isaac Greene

General character info: Born on February 11th, 2530. He grew up on an outer colony, in the Alpha Aurigae system. He grew tired of the poor civilian life in the system, and joined the UNSC in 2559, at 29 years old.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Mostly EVA Marine, but sometimes Bridge Crewman, and Marine Medic.

Reason for joining : Interested in applying for ODST, though I assume you have to apply for UNSC first.

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  pls gib marine back
Posted by: tauman - 02-15-2019, 07:29 PM - Forum: UNSC Security Committee (Ban Appeals) - No Replies

Your Byond/Ckey Username: Taumanta

Your character name (if relevant): Pat Cleary 

Who were you banned by: Crom, the Vice-Host

Date of ban: A few months ago, don't remember the exact date. 

Length of ban: Permanent 

Full ban reason: Jumping faction ships before they had a chance to be manned properly. 

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: Put simply, I understand where I fucked it and know to avoid that shit in the future. I enjoyed playing marine immensely (to the point where I haven't really been on at all recently just because I can't play marine). So, yeah, as the title says, please give me the ability to play marine again.  

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  Allakai's Shipmaster Whitelist Application
Posted by: Allakai - 02-14-2019, 06:43 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Discord name (username####): Allakai#1723

Character Name(s): Khaz ‘Valkamee, Jazmine “Jazz” Hoover, Faith Wilkerson, Morgan Armstrong, Qukuzoo

How long have you been a member of the Covenant Faction? Officially I’ve been a part of the Covenant faction 1-30-19 as accepted by BD. Yet I had been playing for about two weeks prior as an unggoy.

What are some examples of good Covenant Roleplay that you have been a part of?:

There are some good examples of good roleplay I have encountered, once as my Unggoy, Qukuzoo, another as Khaz 'Valkamee.
The situation with Quku was I was on KS7, my very first round, I had walked straight up to the colony, not knowing where I was. I saw the Marshal and he had shot me in the arm with a magnum and had captured me (there wasn’t much I could do as I had passed out from blood loss and pain crit when I tried running away). I of course had roleplayed being terrified and screeching to not be eaten or killed. Soon I was dragged into medical and he started treating me when my fellow Unggoy had come to my rescue and had nearly killed me by pure accident. I had lost my arm from a stray plasma grenade and was badly wounded. We (the three Unggoy) were stranded on KS7 with the SDV having left about 15 minutes prior. I was badly wounded and suffering from internal bleeding. But through sheer will (and eating a ton of steak) the other Unggoy and myself managed to survive and we were soon rescued by the SDV. Quku served valiantly without a left hand for the rest of the round.
Another round as Khaz ‘Valkamee involved my first real round with hunters (as well as my first round actually being a Sangheili). I was ordered by my superior, a major (or an ultra), at the time (I cannot remember his name) to lead the hunters as well as the Unggoy and a T’vaoan to attack the base of VT9 with a forward assault. It worked gloriously though on a side note we had issues going anywhere because the stairs going back up to the second sub level got destroyed somehow. After being saved by an admin we realized that somehow VT9’s nuke had gone off and everything was going to shit due to the URF attacking in full force as well as ODSTs. It was an amazing three way gunfight with hunters leading the charge. I had managed to get myself and other crew back to the SDV as the major (and I believe another minor?) had died in combat. Unfortunately our hunters met their end. As the now acting leader of my troops I had rallied what little forces remained and sent them to the docked URF ship to repel any threats. I had made it my duty to guard the SDV with my life.
Little did I realize (and to my troops who had left) that the URF made a counter attack. I was cornered and fought to the death in the lekgolo spawning pools and managed to severely wound several of the URF boarders which lead to the eventual death of said URF combatants when my troops returned and found them all wounded.
I had fought to my eventual end valiantly with all I had in me and died with honor.
(Picture included! Hopefully it works, if not I can always share it on discord.)

[Image: rg1uXNG]

Do you understand the RoE?: I do. The RoE, are the law of not just the Covenant Empire IG, but they’re also just as a method of giving players a clear guide of how to play in general. It is a guideline of what is expected of a player.

Do you understand that you are not above the Covenant law, and may be persecuted for not following the RoE?: I fully expect that. My actions have consequences.

Do you understand that you can be removed from the whitelist at any given time, based on your behavior, even when not playing the role you applied for?: Yes, my behavior both OOC and IC should be under heavy scrutiny. If I am ever to do something wrong, I would fully expect to be reprimanded for a mistake I have done. I will own up to my mistakes.

What do you think your job is as the role you are applying for?: The job of the shipmaster is to be the commander of the forces in the system and of course given the name, the master of his ship. Yet he is not the totalitarian leader that is so anal and up everyone’s business that he is restrictive and overbearing. He is to not leave his ship as he is honor bound to it. As such he is to extend his will through ultras, majors, minors, or whatever others are qualified to lead troops. He cannot and is not to hold their hand the entire time during an engagement. But he is to certainly be a guiding force and give tactical and sound decisions to his troops.

 I have explained this before, and I will say it again. The shipmaster’s role is to be a commander. He is to understand his troops and their worth as tactical tools to battle engagements, but also as living beings. He is to understand when he should press on weaknesses, but also to make the decision to move his troops back if he feels they are at a disadvantage.
A shipmaster is an honorable and a well-respected warrior and commander. His job is paramount to the success of the Covenant when it comes to his jurisdiction.

Why should you be whitelisted?: I believe I should be whitelisted because I understand the core value of the shipmaster. I know that the shipmaster is not just a position to be used as ‘I am the leader, therefore you must listen’. It is a position with respect that must be earned and wielded with proper care and the will to use it.

I am not a combat intensive player. I am capable of fighting; however, I find myself more as a commanding role. I fully think I am capable of being a shipmaster that can add to the flavor of a round for both the Covenant as well as the human factions. I am a roleplayer at heart, and feel as though this would be a great role for me to fill to show I am a capable roleplayer.

As a sidenote: If I am needed to clarify anything I am happy to answer questions or DM me over discord. Whichever is easier.

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