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  mcalexev's UNSC application
Posted by: mcalexev - 4 hours ago - Forum: Recruiting Center - No Replies

Ckey: Mcalexev

Discord name: mcalexev#5490

In-character name: Samson Delaware

general character info: A grizzled veteran of numerous campaigns against both the insurrectionist worlds and the Covenant, Samson has somehow managed to endure hell and back, trying to keep as many of his squaddies alive. He has a gung-ho attitude, and is loyal to a fault to the UNSC.

Which role is your character's main: Marine Gunnery Sergeant

Reason for joining: I've been a long time member of the Covenant for over a year now, and I'm hoping to branch out into the UNSC now the opportunity has opened up to see things from the perspective of the other side!

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  UNSC x Covie Cross Faction App For Mr Socks
Posted by: SuckMySocks - 4 hours ago - Forum: Recruiting Center - No Replies

Ckey: ComradeSocks 

Discord name: ComradeSocks#1403

In-character name: Ruby Red

general character info: Ruby was born and raised on Eridanus II, until it’s destruction sent her out into the wider galaxy. Aside from this, background is shrouded in black ink. At one point she was a lowly researcher helping ONI, but once the Human-Covenant war began, she joined up with the UNSC as a Marine, hoping to escape her troubled past. 

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Marine

Reason for joining: Been playing this server for a long ass time, been part of every faction, including the meme flood one. Use to be an ODST, enjoyed that - hoping to regain my title of ODST and eventually go for Spartan, gotta change shit up or it gets boring, yknow?

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  Sgt. Adams UNSC App
Posted by: Sgt. Adams - 09-21-2020, 10:31 PM - Forum: Recruiting Center - Replies (1)

Ckey: sgt.adams

Discord name: Don't forget Hawaii#8207

In-character name: Kyle Ringer

general character info: Ringer is a young Marine, at only 19 years old. He lived a rather posh life, born on Earth and a member of an upper-class family. He enlisted in the Marines when the Insurrectionist threat started to reach closer and closer to home. Ringer never really liked living like a king, so he decided to Enlist to protect his home world and his family.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Marine

Reason for joining : I really enjoy Halo, and am starting to get back into it. I found this server and decided to join, as a Halo SS13 server is exactly what I was looking for.

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  WildWehraboo's UNSC Application
Posted by: WildWehraboo - 09-21-2020, 04:20 PM - Forum: Recruiting Center - No Replies

Ckey: WildWehraboo

Discord name: Waiting for ww3#7031

In-character name: Hans Krieger

general character info: A Specialist in Olive Green armor with visor and white skin, He has a dark sense of humor and a friendly attitude against other marines, You can see him either with a bandolier filled with Fragment and HE Nades for the Nade launcher under his MA5B or a Shotgun and his general setup on the MA5B But with a grip instead of a grenade launcher, He has brown hair and brown eyes, You can easily tell that he is 20-25 years old by his height and looks, He stands at about 5'9

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Specialist

Reason for joining : Found you lads on Byond Hub, Joined and had some fun other people told me to join UNSC so i decided to do that and i am planning on joining ODST after some time.

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  Billy's Covenant Application
Posted by: Billy the Dodo - 09-09-2020, 12:57 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Billy the Dodo

Discord name: cauan1968

In-character name: Attendant

general character info: Attendant is your typical Yanme'e Drone, a decent engineer and annoying pest to deal with for the UNSC.

Reason for joining : I was in the Covenant once, and I am finally coming back to this community after quite some time.

Roleplay Example/History: Not much can be said about Attendant, but he is considered more talkative and perhaps more emotional than other drones, you'll generally find him hacking doors for higher ranking elites on boarding and ground missions and sometimes complaining about how "the fur of the Brutes keeps somehow getting into the damn machines!".

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  ComradeJeff - Covenant App
Posted by: Comrade - 09-07-2020, 09:16 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: ComradeJeff

Discord name:Bones#2368 (Nickname: I really like this emoji)

In-character name: Dano 'Rokumee (Current played characters are: Danny Stone, Cassius Wulf, Dandan, Doni, Stone-066)

General character info: Rokumee was raised on Sanghelios to a long line of warriors. Like those before him, Rokumee was expected to join the Covenant and bring great honour to his family name. During his time in the Covenant, he found great admiration for those who were both strong and honourable. He also found great joy in leading his brothers to glory.

Reason for joining: Same reason as my first covenant application. (TL : DR - Been enjoying covenant roles and want to gain access to the higher WL'D roles.)

Roleplay Example/History:I hold the ODST Officer and Spartan WL and have been apart of the community for about two years now.

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  Realtime's Covenant App
Posted by: Realtimeslayer - 09-04-2020, 01:45 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Realtimeslayer

Discord name: Dimmadreki#1448

In-character name: Thytan 'Nudomee

general character info: Thytan is a bloodthirsty, but otherwise intelligent Sangheili. 

Reason for joining : I've played on this server as Covenant before, but i'm not entirely sure what happened or if I was just inactive, because I was removed from the Covenant role, and therefore, re-applying.

Roleplay Example/History: I have played on a good few HRP servers, and other than that I really only play on MRP servers. I just can't stand LRP.

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  UNSC Application
Posted by: WendigoDelta - 09-03-2020, 11:48 PM - Forum: Recruiting Center - Replies (1)

Ckey: WendigoDelta

Discord name: Crumbo#4358

In-character name: Joseph Iligan

general character info: A marine with some edges to be smoothed out, Joseph does his best to serve the UNSCMC and his allies as much as he can, though never wanting to overstepping his bounds as a subordinate in the Marine Corps. 

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Marine SAW Operator/Machine Gunner

Reason for joining: The way the strong arm of the UEG has been shown in the Halo franchise lead me to applying to the UNSC. That and my interest investing time back into HaloStation and SS13 as a whole.

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  Covenant Application.
Posted by: Predatornc - 09-02-2020, 01:52 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (2)

Discord name: Predatornc

In-character name: Jibjib

general character info: Jibjib is a Grunt Major that has loyally served with the covenant like his fellow Unngoy since his incredible youth. He loves the covenant, food nipple, and should the occasion arise, a nice infusion.

Reason for joining: Oocly? I really like Halo and having access to the variety of covenant races sounds great to me.

Roleplay Example/History: I have served as Chatrp deputy and at a time super admin for a Serious SCP  RP Gmod server for a couple of years, I have run multiple rp's over discord with participant counts ranging from 1-30. I play D&D, and have recently really gotten into SS13 due to the RP potential it holds. I have experience with rp in many shapes and sizes and I am excited to try some on the server.

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  Planetary's UNSC Application
Posted by: Planetary - 08-27-2020, 08:25 PM - Forum: Recruiting Center - Replies (1)

Ckey: Planetary

Discord name: Planetary#1512

In-character name:  Shantea White

general character info: Shantea is a woman of British ethnicity whos entire family has served the UNSC, she is joining the bandwagon. She believes the UNSC has the best intentions for mankind meaning she'd serve them to her death if needs be. She is a determined and strong soldier, specialising in long range combat with a love for snipers, DMRs or other long range weapons while quite versatile in medium range too but not so good with CQC encounters.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Scout Sniper Marine

Reason for joining : (IC) Shantea comes from a family of UNSC Marines, her brothers and father joined the UNSC and died for it so she decided to do the same, she also believes they have the best intentions for humans. (OOC) I have played covenant for quite a while now and heard that we can swap out the covenant whitelist for a UNSC one, so, I though, a change wouldn't hurt, so I'm applying for UNSC, hopefully to work my way up to ones like ODST too.

Sidenote: I am currently part of the covenant but I was told if I apply for UNSC, covenant one will be swapped for it. I've also forgotten if this is the right place or not, if it's not, please tell me.

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