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  Doge - Covenant Application
Posted by: LordDoge - 06-30-2020, 06:57 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: LordDogeIsCool

Discord name: Doge Doge#0001

In-character name: Blarpdarp (Unggoy)

general character info: A loyal, heavy stepping Unggoy.  The very might of this single grunt could stand the test of time, facing off against the very heretics that block the Covenant's very path to the great journey.  Blarpdarp could stand against an army by himself, with but two sticky grenades.  His claws are sharp and scratch at the enemies of the prophets.  For him, nothing can possibly stand in his way, and he will destroy all, all by himself.  Or... that's how the story goes.

Reason for joining : Just really love halo, what can I say.  Grew up with it in my childhood, and I do my best to play it even now!  Love the story, the weapons, the creatures, everything.  This seems like a perfect place to experience what I felt once more, in a different perspective.

Roleplay Example/History:  I have an immense history with roleplay, love HRP and play it to bits.  Before SS13, I played and got my hands on all sorts of RP games, all serious.  Before that, pen and paper.

Note - I have already been accepted for covenant in November, but was removed during my months of inactivity.  This is a repost, but I can create a brand new one if deemed necessary.

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  Covvie application
Posted by: Glissery - 06-29-2020, 08:08 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Glissery

Discord name: Glissery#0905

In-character name: Paliv

general character info: Paliv is your average grunt. Slow, dumb, and will usually charge at anything that isn't covenant. Grenades may or may not be included.

Reason for joining : I'd like to play some of the whitelisted roles, along with meeting some more people here. Killing heretics is a bonus.

Roleplay Example/History: I've played on CM for a while, TGMC, NSV13, a few others servers I forgot the names of, and I can at least hold my own in a gunfight. CM is probably where I got most of the gunfight "skill", and I can decently RP, from what I've heard from friends. I've also done some slayer rounds on Halostation recently, so I'm a bit more acquainted with the combat systems, dodge rolls, etc.

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  Thebanana3's ban appeal
Posted by: platinium_dr - 06-28-2020, 06:25 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - No Replies

Your Byond/Ckey Username:Thebanana3 (actually cucumber123)

Your Discord Username:platinium_dr#5014

Your character name (if relevant):

Who were you banned by:bdpuffy420

Date of ban:2019-12-18

Length of ban:perma

Full ban reason:Griefer

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned:sorry for the events but now i promise i will play it right, i regret what i did, sorry

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  UNSC Application
Posted by: thatguythere03 - 06-28-2020, 12:57 PM - Forum: Recruiting Center - No Replies

Ckey: thatguythere03

Discord name: thatguythere03#4418

In-character name: Moises Unk

general character info: Non-descript Caucasian male born in the outer colonies, heard there was aliens to shoot.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Marine

Reason for joining : I want to check out the more in depth features of the server and get my feet wet. I figure properly joining a faction is a good way to do that.

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  WarlordToby's Covenant Application
Posted by: WarlordToby - 06-26-2020, 03:34 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: WarlordToby

Discord name: WarlordToby#8551

In-character name: Arko 'Kronosee, Sangheili. Random names for other roles.

General character info: At birth, named Kronos, from the House of Kronos. Named after an ancient battle in the Sangheili history, Arko was a decisive victory for the Clan Kronos, permitting them to permanently occupy the site, allegedly prior to San'Shyuum contact.

Instead of an actual adoptive uncle, he was raised by his own Father without knowing it. Often demanded to go where the fence is the highest, Arko' put great effort in mastering at least one form of martial combat, with sword or otherwise without. His goal is to be recognized as a superior Sangheili warrior.

Reason for joining: General interest in trying out Covenant. Having played other factions, general interest in new content lured me in.

Roleplay Example/History: I have played SS13 for some 8 years or more. I have played on Halostation before as UNSC and URF. I also occasionally host roleplay sessions, so acting something or someone I am not IRL is not a problem nor causes me any trouble.

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  Domodyl - Honor Guard Whitelist.
Posted by: Domodyl - 06-21-2020, 12:29 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: domodyl

Discord name(username####): Reverent#1150

Character Name(s): Castio 'Volkee, Domus, SucSuc

How long have you been a member of the Covenant Faction? For around a year and a half.

Do you understand the restrictions that Honour Guards have placed on them? Yes

Do you understand that you are not above the Covenant law, and may be persecuted for not following the RoE? Yes

Do you understand that you can be removed from the whitelist at any given time, based on your behaviour, even when not playing the role you applied for? Yes


Your fellow Honour Guard has been killed, as well as your prophet, by a human. You saw the human do this and follow him to find a group of humans. After engaging, you manage to kill the offending human, but the others manage to retreat where you could easily follow. What do you do next? : If the offending heretic is killed, then my vengeance is settled and I should report to the current highest ranking individual or contact the ministry. 

Why should you be whitelisted? I have been apart of the Covenant for some time now and wish to add onto the roleplay, seeing how prophet is becoming a more accessible role there should be more honor guard to add to rounds. 

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  Covenant application
Posted by: ondrej008 - 06-19-2020, 08:39 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Ondrej008

Discord name: ondrej008#3301

In-character name: Muporeus (Jiralhanae Minor), Miwaz (Unggoy Major) and some other randomized name characters that I don't play that much.

general character info: Muporeus is your standard brute, nothing special. Miwaz is quite an Unggoy, his father is an Unggoy Ultra and was killed in the Unggoy rebellion. Miwaz's father has left an impression on him and he wants to overcome his father, quite possibly become an Unggoy Deacon. Miwaz is quite a lot smarter than your average unggoy, probably because of his father.

Reason for joining: I want Miwaz to overcome his father and use his untapped potential. I would also like to try out the roles that are locked behind the whitelist, such as Sangheili or T'Voan bird boys.

Roleplay Example/History: I've played a bunch on Bay, relatively incident-free on there. Played FTL13 which was a MRP server, and now play on it's successor, NSV13.

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  Mvp777 - Moderator application.
Posted by: Mvp777 - 06-19-2020, 02:24 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Moderator Format

Age: 20

Ckey: Mvp777

Discord Name: Space Jesus of :AGONY:/Cookie 7058

Timezone: AEST +10

Time in SS13: Started playing sometime middle 2011, don't remember exactly when.

Any SS13 Bans: Got perma'd off of Goon when i first started playing. Got a month jobban from sangheili about a year back for minor heresy. If i have any other bans i frankly just cannot remember them because its been years since i was actually banned from a server.

Prior Moderation experience: Roughly 2 years as a CM moderator, starting just after Apophis stepped down.

Personally, I think the most important thing about moderating is: Flexibility and ensuring fair and just treatment for all players while remaining non-obtrusive and not being for lack of the word 'in the way' of players during regular rounds. All the while trying to promote a more RP and generally friendly enviroment. To me a good moderator is one that can make fair judgements that also account for the situation, background and enviroment.

(On a side note i greatly enjoy answering questions, worst case scenario we both learn something new. Best case scenario only the person who's asking learns something new.)

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  UNSC App
Posted by: Caveman - 06-19-2020, 12:10 PM - Forum: Recruiting Center - No Replies

Ckey:Anderson Favi

Discord name:Agent_skipper

In-character name:Vivian Keener

general character info:Vivian is a an UNSC sergeant with a robotic right hand. He's not a new recruit but is not a veteran. He usually leads the charge with his men but his men dont come with him so he typically the first one to get wounded but when he can get an excuse to get out of combat he will use it. because he knows he wont last a chance against the whole covenent squad roaming the city.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc):Marine Sergeant

Reason for joining :i just like playing with the UNSC and with the people there

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  Earl Ciderman's UNSC Application
Posted by: earlciderman - 06-18-2020, 01:18 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: earlciderman

Discord name: earlidge

In-character name: Geoff Hardy

general character info: Your typical run of the mill Sergeant. Usually found smoking a lot of cigarettes and asking marines to get shit done, sometimes he gets shit done and smiles about it. Also he likes to complain about the given situation at hand and usually finds the nearest marine to agree with his views, after which he will end up on some operation where he's understaffed and under equipped and once more complaining.

If he's not complaining, discussing matters with marines or otherwise being shot at. He will be leading from behind his men, assessing the situation and figuring out whether or not him and the men around him are going to survive the next boarding party of covenant shock troops.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Sergeant.

Reason for joining : I feel like the UNSC are a bit underpopulated when I'm playing on the server (might be a timezone problem) and as such, we usually get wrecked by the covenant. This isn't so much as a problem, however I feel like I could have some fun joining in the second wave of UNSC reinforcements as an ODST or Spartan.

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