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  Yet Another Covenant Application
Posted by: Inchman - 2 hours ago - Forum: Recruiting Citadel - No Replies

Ckey: Inchman

Discord name: Inchman#1531

In-character name: Steadier-Than-Others (Huragok), BapBap (Unggoy)

General Character Info: 
Steadier is a physically unremarkable example of a Huragok. Displaying the common blue bioluminescence and other features typical of their kin. They are many centuries old though not even they could tell exactly how many years they have lived. They have a friendly and easygoing personality with a love for music. Unfortunately they find it difficult to convey any of this to most people. So as far as most of their colleagues know there is nothing particularly interesting about them. Very sad.

BapBap is a particularly devoted unggoy Ultra who thus far has somehow managed to not die far past the average life expectancy of an unggoy in this line of work. What's his secret? No one knows. His second favorite hobby is killing heretics with holy plasma. His favorite hobby is woodcarving. Unfortunately given the lack of arts and crafts supplies available this very rarely ever becomes relevant. Also very sad.

Reason for joining:
I personally tend to find the aliens from science fiction to almost always be more interesting than the humans. From their culture to their architecture and technology. I also favor the Covenant's more active playstyle (leaning more towards actively going out and completing objectives) as opposed to the UNSC's more defensive playstyle (leaning more towards preventing the Covenant/URF from achieving objectives). I also just generally love the Halo series.

Roleplay Example/History:
I've been on this server for a little under a month. Mostly playing as minor Covenant roles or as ONI security/research. I've also played on colonial marines, Civ13, and sometimes on the World Server. Beyond that I've occasionally done tabletop games.

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  ODST Application - Viktor Orwell
Posted by: Deionus - 03-30-2020, 03:28 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Lord Inquisitor Plasmaman

Timezone: EST

Discord Name: N2D2#0175

Character(s): Viktor Orwell.

How does your character interact with the world around them and the people in it?: Viktor is a very commanding individual, often demanding and screaming orders out rather than simply speaking because he feels as if it's the only means of getting messages across and being heard. This being said, though he does scream at people he often does it for what he believes to be rightful reasons. This can range from saving someone's life, to preventing property damage, or preventing injury. He's very belligerent, loving to fight on the battlefield. Though he is very belligerent and enjoys warfare, he does not harbor any hate for his enemies. He knows that he has a job, to eliminate targets. Harboring feelings, he believes, is how you lose to your enemy. You must be neutral towards your enemy, and kill them without feeling. You must be cold and calculating when fighting to win the battle. He enjoys the feedback from high-rate of fire weapons, often telling others at the training firing ranges how satisfying it is to feel the machine roar back as it spits pure death. He believes that unit cohesion is important, and is a strong believer in keeping a battle-buddy with you; someone who will hold your back when things get tough, someone who can assist you in evacuating if you are injured, or simply someone to assist you in moving around so that you do not get ambushed alone. The URF he does harbor a disdain for, as his brother Ogden Orwell defected to the URF after serving in the UNSC for less than a year. This is when he breaks his creed, he believes his brother must be put down for turn-coating. This belief stems from his strong feelings of loyalty.

Provide a brief description of your character: Arab-African mid-thirties man born into a military family, his father having served in the Office of Naval Intelligence. He harbors no hatred towards the covenant, but believes it extremely necessary to destroy every and all non-human covenant sympathizer to protect humanity as a race.

Do you understand that members of this whitelist are held to a higher standard of roleplay?: Yes, I understand.

Do you understand that if your behavior is deemed inappropriate you will be removed from the whitelist?: Yes, I understand.

Do you understand that breaking a server rule can remove you from this whitelist permanently?: Yes, I understand.

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  UNSC Application - Deionus
Posted by: Deionus - 03-29-2020, 04:35 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Lord Inquisitor Plasmaman

Discord name: N2D2#0175 [Nickname is Deionus/Viktor Orwell]

In-character name: Viktor Orwell

general character info: Arab-African mid-thirties man born into a military family, his father having served in the Office of Naval Intelligence. He harbors no hatred towards the covenant, but believes it extremely necessary to destroy every and all non-human covenant sympathizer to protect humanity as a race.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Marine Squad Leader

Reason for joining: The UNSC is extremely fun and I've had lots of amazing roleplay with other players in the UNSC. This includes dramatic survival roleplay as Sanghelli's raided the Geminus MAC station, to attempting to save the colony from URF occupation during a hostage situation in the mayor's office. The UNSC represents the fighting force of humanity and I often enjoy interacting with other players from this faction, so I figured I'd officially join in hopes of one day becoming an ODST.

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  Julodom1722's UNSC Application
Posted by: Julodom1722 - 03-29-2020, 01:08 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Julodom1722

Discord name: Julodom1722/Jypa 'Sunomee

In-character name: Devin Sanchez

general character info: Hispanic young man Luna, generally a Sharpshooter/ EVA marine, with a personal vendetta against the covenant

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): EVA Marine/ Sharphooter/ UNSC ship crew

Reason for joining: After joining the covenant, wanted to give all the other factions a go to decide on which one i like the most

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Information Request Format
Posted by: MactoPerFuror - 03-28-2020, 05:16 AM - Forum: Player Inquiry - No Replies

Your Ckey:

Your Discord ID:

Requested Ckey:

Reason for access:

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  The Brave Kig-Yak (Covenant Application)
Posted by: Zero123_456_890 - 03-27-2020, 09:37 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)


Discord name:Idiot#1325

In-character name: MakMak (Kig-Yak)

general character info: MakMak is a kig-yar who would give his life to protect his companions and be recognized as a hero

Reason for joining : I like join the covenant in every round and I am very familiar with the halo franchise and I would like more RP and Combat opportunitys in this server and I would like to be an official member since I have alot of  fun the hours I spend in this server together with more different people and I would like to provide more help to them for better RP and combat numbers

Roleplay Example/History: MakMak has inaccurate origins but he is very loyal to his commanders and he will always put his life first before that of his companions to save them from a situation of extreme hostility where everyone´s life is in danger,although he does not receive any award for any act of sacrificie he will accept the minimum thanks to his comrades in combat,he will always put himself as a bullet shield (Thanks to his shield as a Kig-Yar) reaching terrible situations with less casualties possible but it is more likely that he will join the few casualties protecting their brothers and sisters 

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  The Little Unggoy(GrayOwl3 Application Form)
Posted by: GrayOwl3 - 03-26-2020, 10:04 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: GrayOwl3

Discord name: Gray_owl#5679

In-character name: PiwPiw

General character info: A physically normal Unggoy, good speaker and charismatic.

Reason for joining: I love Halo, it was one of my first franchises to be a gamer, so when I found this server I really wanted to be part of it and be able to role a position in the chain of command.

Roleplay Example/History: PiwPiw any unggoy seen from the outside, but apparently harbors certain intelligence and charisma, one day upon hearing a certain story about his species and the Covenant, he decided that this was not a life for his own, that they needed to climb positions and not be mere meat cannon, which should rise again and be great !.
For this reason he decided to enlist in the forces of the Covenant and thus be able to gain recognition and fame and reach the upper echelons so that even a little, could change the future of the Unggoy .. (This was make with the blood of the fallen brothers....).

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  Application form: Patata
Posted by: Patata - 03-25-2020, 02:47 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Patata

Discord name: patata#8246

In-character name: Servitor (Major Yanme'e)

general character info: A typical Yanme'e warrior but specialized in piloting scout and transport ships.

Reason for joining : I love halo and i love the covenant in a whole, and i want to start taking more seriously my role.

Roleplay Example/History: And there he was, one of thousands, unrecognizable and loyal, Servitor, a Yanme'e who in his time of glory was the proudest protector of his hive and was the most loyal of them all, sent by his queen to an unknown and bestial war. But he was never afraid because he knew that his queen was wise and that all were sent for a mystical reason, now he swears loyalty to the prophets and is one of the best warriors and pilots of the army of drones, his job is to pilot transport ships and combat vehicles, in addition to being an expert soldier in explosive charges and snipers.

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  ODST App - Socks
Posted by: SuckMySocks - 03-23-2020, 09:31 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Atlantic Standard Time
Discord Name:
Ruby Red, Texus Red/Johnathan Texus, Zikan Bluekro 'Nasanai
How does your character interact with the world around them and the people in it?:
She lost her family when she was young, replaced them later in life with the UNSC Army.
She hates the Covenant, for personal reasons and because of their pointless genocide against Humanity. Glassing her home world didn't help things..
However she is somewhat sympathetic to the Insurrection's cause. Probably because she was raised by a terrorist.
Provide a description of your character:
(/Warning I got a little carried away\)
Ruby Red is stern, determined and stubborn above all else.
It is incredibly hard to sway her opinion once she has her mind set on something, just like her father.
Ruby Red was born May 12, 2499.
When she was ten her Mother was killed in a UNSC Raid on her families home on Eridanus II, somewhere in the slums of Elysium City.
Ruby was spared by fate, being taken by the soldiers and eventually led to her being placed in Foster Care.
Although she was orphaned, she understood why the raid happened, and why her mother died.
Her mother and father were both wanted criminals, Insurrectionists that would stop at nothing to free themselves from the UEG.
Even if that meant putting their children at risk.
They were scum for that..
Texus Red, Leader of the United Rebel Front's Eridanus and 11 Tauri Sectors. MIA 2529-PRESENT.
Lucia Camillus-Red, Leader of the United Rebel Front Commando's of Eridanus II. KIA.
Eventually Ruby graduated with Honors at the local Education Facility in Elysium City.
She was determined to make a difference in the universe, and not follow her in her parents footsteps.
Once she graduated Elysium City University, she applied for a Researcher position with the Office of Naval Intelligence, was accepted and began working on classified projects for a few years.
When the Human-Covenant War began, Ruby quit her job, signed some Non-Disclosure Agreement Forums, and joined the UNSC Army in late 2525, finishing her basic training soon after the Second Battle of Harvest had began in 2526.
Her first mission was considered to be a death sentence.
She was shipped off to Harvest, tasked with hitting key Covenant positions in the months after the UNSC had successfully re-established themselves on the planet.
However, soon setback after setback led most of her bothers-in-arms being heavily wounded or killed from the fighting.
Somehow, suicide-mission after suicide-mission, Ruby endured and came out alive.
For five long years, she fought tooth and nail.
Luck does run out.
Last mission on Harvest was during a routine patrol outside of Alpha Base, reason being?
Ruby sustained heavy injuries by taking two Needler's to the chest.
The squad she was assigned to was decimated in the skirmish, she was one of the few survivors, only because she was left unconscious near fallen squad mates.
When Ruby woke from her medically induced coma in 2531, she found herself aboard the Ysionris Jeromi-class Hospital Ship, "UNSC Flesh Wound".
A Datapad had been placed by her bedside, it read:
"ODST Application Format & Information"
This is where Ruby’s story begins.
Do you understand that members of this whitelist are held to a higher standard of roleplay?:
Of course, can't be worse than Sangheili Standard.
Do you understand that if your behavior is deemed inappropriate you will be removed from the whitelist?:
Cringe Walaski tier torture RP is a no-go, gotcha.
Do you understand that breaking a server rule can remove you from this whitelist permanently?:
Haven't broken any rules that led to a ban/de-WL in over a year of playing.

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  Nerval Solicitude
Posted by: Nerval - 03-23-2020, 02:23 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Nerval

Discord name: Nerval #0125

In-character name: Architect (Yanme)

general character info: An insectoid specialized in infiltration and sabotage in enemy territory. Normally he prefers to infiltrate via pods and escape with an enemy ship. His sique has been described as that of someone highly patriotic who will not leave an ally at his mercy.

Reason for joining : I like the halo and destiny universe, not to mention that the aliens seem fascinating and very original to me. I have been playing in SS13 for a long time so I know most of the mechanics, however the available races tend to be refried from standard humans, so they have little personality. However, on that server I have fallen in love, since each covenant breed feels different.

Roleplay Example/History: Architect had successfully filtered through an escape pod. During that cold night in the desert he could discern the lights of the human base. Carrying her plasma weapon, she sneaked up to the entrance and with a quick movement shot down the two OSTs that were guarding her. After using his wings, he climbed onto the roof, knocking down a third. Through a large window he could see inside, 2 pelicans were being loaded. Architect took out two plasma grenades that after activating them, he threw them against fuel tanks. What preceded was a chain reaction of explosions that would destroy the hangar. With his mission accomplished, the architect left the area while contacting to complete his extraction.

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