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  Perma Ban Appeal
Posted by: capietro - 01-26-2019, 10:40 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (3)

Your Byond/Ckey Username: capietro

Your character name (if relevant):

Who were you banned by: maxattacker

Date of ban: 2018/03/08

Length of ban: Permanent

Full ban reason: Changing the name of people in the crew manifest

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: I just keep remembering playing in the server and i just keep missing playing it, its been a really long time and id really like to play again if possible, im sorry not for just changing the name of people but to what i did changed them.

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  Allakai's Covenant Application
Posted by: Allakai - 01-26-2019, 08:51 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Allakai

Discord name: Allakai#1723

In-character name: Khaz'Vakalm

general character info: A tall and proud Sangheili, Vakalm takes his life of honor seriously. He wishes to fight for honor and glory, seeing the path of the Great Journey as something to drive him to become a better warrior and Sangheili. He holds what it means to be an honorable warrior above all else. He takes himself somewhat seriously yet has humility and knows his boundaries as a Sangheili. Yet he serves with pride and will prove himself as a capable warrior.

Reason for joining : He had joined the military to show himself as not just a warrior, but as a Sangheili of honor that wishes to prove to his family name he is worthy to continue the bloodline.

Roleplay Example/History: I have been playing SS13 since about mid-September of 2018, mainly I have played Aurora. It was the only server I have played and I have been whitelisted for a couple species there. I really enjoy roleplaying and story writing and take my roleplaying capabilities seriously. Currently I play several characters such as the Unggoy, Qukuzoo (Quku for short), Field Medic Jazmine "Jazz" Hoover, and ONI researcher Faith Wilkerson. I do my best to always roleplay rather than initiate combat, and even when I am Covenant, I will try to roleplay and progress a story rather than put combat and fighting, as for someone like me, story is much more important than combat. 

More depth with factions details IE: roles, etc will be added later. 

Covenant: A strong passion and care for the Covenant and what they strive for to bring unity and peace to the galaxy. A strong hand is required for such an effort, and that hand is the Sangheili, but he will strive and fight to uphold his part in the Great Journey for glory.

His relationship with the other members of the Covenant vary. 

For the Unggoy he sees them as loud, obnoxious, and incredibly irritating, but he also finds them a useful tool and ally. While fragile, terrified, and weak alone; in groups they are a force to be reckoned with, and with that he accepts them as underlings.

The Kig'Yar and T'Vaoan he is weary of, while not an outward distrust of the species, he is mindful of them as pirates, tricksters, and at the very worst, outright untrustworthy. Yet he appreciates their usage as scouts, snipers, and their uncanny ability to hit and run.

Jiralhanae is the one race of the covenant Khaz is the most distrustful of. Huge and hulking creatures that are savage and wild, and possibly eat their kills or those that are captured. He finds them to be just as they are, brutes. Frontline combatants and a very unstable ally of the Covenant.

The San'Shyuum is the only group within the covenant (excluding his fellow Sangheili of course) that he truly trusts. He is one for the Great Journey, and as such the glorious Prophets lead his people and the Covenant on a glorious and honorable path to the end.

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  Rebalance on M41 Rocket Launcher
Posted by: xero360 - 01-26-2019, 02:08 AM - Forum: Server Suggestions - No Replies


I believe the M41 Rocket Launcher needs some rework done to make it less cheesy.

I think the damage and Insta KO it does is fine, but the fact that the rockets have ZERO travel time is an issue. It hitscans anything at any distance! I also think adding a half a second firing delay will make this weapon more balanced.

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  Unggoy Ultra Covenant Application
Posted by: Sir.Fancypants - 01-25-2019, 08:15 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Sir.Fancypants

Discord name: Commissar Fancypants#0424

In-character name: Uniki

General character info: Uniki is a nipple brother born in the breeding chambers of Balaho, who amongst his peers is glorified for his high charisma and faith for the Covenant hierarchy. He has spent his entire youth studying the art of plasma bombing, and has raised his vocal cord to biblical levels of screeching. Uniki aims to prove himself to his fellow nipple brothers as the ultimate Unggoy that has ever lived.

Reason for joining : I loved playing as Unggoy, and wish to rise up in the ranks!

Roleplay Example/History: I've got plenty of experince in RP, mainly from RP from Gmod, and the likes, and a fair amount from DnD and other tabletops. I've done Halo Rp before.

More depth with factions details IE: roles, etc will be added later:

  • Unggoy: Uniki LOVE nipple brothers! Titties for life!
  • Kig-Yar: LAME
  • Sangheili: Uniki follow their orders to very end! So scary!

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  Eluxor's Covenant Ban appeal
Posted by: Eluxor - 01-25-2019, 04:41 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)


Your Byond/Ckey Username: Eluxor

Your character name (if relevant): Livo' Smollan

Who were you banned by: Koenigsegg

Date of ban: Wed, November 7th of 2018

Length of ban: Permaban

Full ban reason:koenigsegg has banned eluxor. - Reason: Powergaming; kept using the loadout system to spawn with a bandolier, allowing for carrying several grenades. Kept waiting at the spartan spawn then throwing grenades everywhere to effectively incapacitate them and get to finish them; thus ignoring previous warning that was applied last round. Permaban from all covenant positions. - This will be removed in 10080 minutes. by Koenigsegg (Senior Admin) on Wed, November 7th of 2018

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: I want to start by saying that I still feel like the second part of the ban is a bit hard to understand to me. As I waited for the 10 min of grace every round and in fact, when the ban took place, The spartan team had serveral entry points, thus I couldnt pinpoint in which they were going to come.

As for the first part. I accept that the bandolier thing was bad, but as I have stated serveral times, its just a piece of clothing, just as a belt or a tie. I belive that any race which has knowdelge of warfare should know that carrying more ammo or equipment is important. If this ban is removed, I wont use any loadout options when playing as a non-human character.

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  Delmar Halden's UNSC Application
Posted by: EricAlvin - 01-25-2019, 01:08 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: ericalvin

Discord name: (:D)Ⓔⓡⓘⓒ(:D) #5133

In-character name: Delmar Halden

general character info: Delmar is a friendly marine that is usually up to helping out marines and colonists in need of assistance to the best of his ability. He can often be found alone, either scouting out a place and reporting what he finds, holed up in a strategic position, going off to inspect something, or manning the MAC. This isn't because he dislikes working alongside others, but because he often feels that he can be more useful by being where others choose not to be and can avoid screwing anything up for anyone else. He hopes that the the universe will one day know true peace.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Scout Sniper

Reason for joining : I really enjoy the server and I usually play as UNSC, so I felt I should probably join up on the forums.

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Posted by: Allakai - 01-24-2019, 05:08 PM - Forum: Career Service Vita (CSV) - Replies (1)

Hey! So still extremely new to the server and really have only played like eh three rounds in total? You guys may or may not know the Unggoy as "Qukuzoo" or "Quku" for short. I'm glad to be here and hope to not disappoint! I'm a huge fan of Halo and I love to write stories and roleplay and can't wait to get to know you all!

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  Stinkybird Covenant Application
Posted by: Stinkybird - 01-24-2019, 06:32 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Jhorrindeeno

Discord name: Jhorritikii#8291Jhorritikii#8291

In-character name: Zixiz, Yit

general character info: Zixiz is a murmillo t'vaoan that has more or less dedicated his life and time to aiding the Covenant, and typically goes out of his way to be as sneaky as possible when he is left to his own devices. Often finds himself in a minor command position somehow and absolutely despises having to order others around, not that he minds the aid but he seriously chokes up when having to make snap choices. A somewhat serious demeanor hides the fact he's deathy afraid of dying "too soon", hence his penchant or trying to be a sneaky skirmisher instead of a suicidal shock troop.

Yit is very much the opposite. The Ruutian is really in the job for the sake of finding goodies, making some sort of living from his service, and trying not to die so he can keep doing that. Much more laid back than Zixiz, kind of on the lazy side, but he will fight for his life when he has to. He doesn't like being sent onto planets because it's so unfamiliar to him, having lived much of his life he cares to remember in stellar craft. His time on ships is typically spent being a backup pilot, should he really need to be, and primarily acting as the ship doctor and chemist making goodies for the others so he doesn't have to risk his own skin. Or if he does have to risk his skin, it's good to have helpful medications around.

Reason for joining: I've been playing SS13 for like 3 years now, if I remember correctly, and I've been looking for new and potentially interesting servers to join. I love Halo so I just haaaad to check it out, and I was smitten with it in an instant. 

Roleplay Example/History: I will admit, I haven't had any particularly noteworthy instances of RP here yet. The best I have is a a time where it was just one other Kig'yar and I defending the ship from a UNSC ship. We almost killed two of them, captured a third, and then Yito had to drag both the other Kig'yar and the captured human to medical while full of bullets at the time. Though it was very much a literal pain in the side that never got fixed the whole round after, he was able to work through it to stop the captured marine from dying, patching up the wounds of his ship companion, and then fix said companion's lost hand by cutting off the heretic's hand and giving it to him. They said to do it, he wasn't going to question it especially consider it was just two of them on the ship and having one of them at literal 50% working capacity could prove incredible dangerous!

Besides that, I've had plenty of experience with rolepay before on other servers, such as Paradise, Persistent, Colonial Marines, and I even helped make Vox lore on Persistent and also created Persistent Station's version of the Unathi lore as well if that means anything at all. I've also recently started hosting a Dungeons and Dragon's campaign of my own creation, too.

More depth with factions details IE:

Unggoy: Yit tends to treat them as more of a menace to the ship than an ally. He believes them to be pretty clumsy for the most part and thinks they're more a liablity at times, but he has seen them act as good shields when his own stops working. He doesn't hate them, he just doesn't think they're fit for duty.

Zixiz actually enjoys having Unggoy around, though not because he likes them either. They're extra bodies for enemies to stuff full of bullets instead of him when having to work closely on ground operations. He'd much sooner save a Jiralhanae than an Unggoy in a fire fight, but that isn't to say he'd leave their corpses to rot on some forgotten planet. He will try to collect their dead from any operations if he is allowed.

Kig'Yar: Needless to say, both Yit and Zixiz get along much better with their own race than the others. Yit himself prefers the company of fellow Ruutians as company, feeling much more in common with them of course, but Zixiz doesn't care that much about hanging with other T'vaoan or Ruutians. Yit's far more likely to seek the care and safety of other Kig'yar over the other species when it comes to medical proceedures, prefering Ruutians of course. Zixiz is not particularly good at medical, but when seeking injured on a battlefield, he will search for his own kind secondary after commanders of any species. Neither one of them really has too much to be surprised about with their own kind.

Sangheili: Yit holds a high respect for the Sangheili as being... typically competent commanders, and much more willing to risk life-and-limb than he is, meaning he can stay even safer onboard the ship. At the same time, he does realize the Sangheili commanders are quite happy to put him into dangerous situations he doesn't like being in and does hold a bit of a fear that will be exactly what happens whenever he's put under one's command. When it comes to interaction, he tries to avoid talking to Sangheili any more than he has to, finding them a bit boring to converse with typically. 

Zixiz respects Sangheili for also being competent normally, and competent commanders know not to put nervous Murmillos in charge of certain aspects of combat. He prefers to leave snap choices up to them and is more than happy to follow their orders when needed, but he does take note on how suicidal a mission might be to gauge if it's worth truly dying for said commander if it goes wrong. He will converse with Sangheili if they wish to speak to him, but tends to find himself too shy to talk to one of the highest-rank caste members of Covenant society brazenly.

Jiralhanae: Yit does not like the Jiralhanae anywhere they go, thinking they stink up the ships and muck about too dangerously. They seem too dangerous to be left in commanding positions and while he won't disobey one, he wouldn't do a task for one with any joy if he had to. He thinks them particularly loathsome, and would much rather take a dozen Unggoy suicide soliders of one Jiralhanae. His interactions have been very limited with them, only having to when he is given literally no other choice.

Zixiz neither likes nor dislikes Jiralhanae, himself. They're a combat asset for the Covenant, and that can't go unappreciated, but he thinks their tactics are too stale and... Brutish! He can honestly see why humans refer to them as Brutes given their tendancies towards savagery in combat. Working under one is perhaps one of the worst positions to hold in his mind, but they are most certainly the best meat shields you can find in the whole Covenant! Their biggest redeeming factor in his mind is their devotion to the way of the Covenant, and their willingness to die for them over him first. 

San'Shyuum: Given their rather unimportant jobs for the most part, neither Zixiz nor Yit have had the chance to properly meet the prophets of the Great Journey. The closest they've every gotten to it was witnessing some here and there, and getting orders from them on missions far from Covenant space. Yit, being the less interested one in the Covenant's beliefs, doesn't really care all that much to know about the San'Shyuum since they never see fit to grace the lesser races most of the time. Zixiz, being a more staunch believer in the Great Journey, does sort of hang a little tooth-and-nail on the sermons given by the leadership whenever he can. He would be honored to meet one someday, but doesn't believe that'll ever be a thing.

Mgalekgolo: Yit doesn't seem them that often, considering he tends to just see them in their spawning pit than actually out and about. He knows they're dangerous and values the fact that they're on his side rather than not. Zixiz prefers to, well, stay behind them than infront of them. Any mission they're on alongside him are missions he feels perhaps dangerously confident in, seeing them as near-unstable living tanks to soak up attention, bullets, and all the nasty, life-ending things that could be pointed at him instead.

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  Kozi32 Spriter App
Posted by: Kozi32 - 01-23-2019, 08:18 PM - Forum: Applications - No Replies

Age: 21

Ckey: Kozi32

Discord Name: Prophet of Wpierdol ([color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6)]Kozi32[/color][color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6)]#4645)[/color]

Time Zone: In Winter CET(UTC+1) In Summer CEST (UTC+2)

How long you have been spriting: I...i'm not sure, but i didnt started on halo

Prior work done: Mostly anim but Cobbies:
Gravlift 32-64-128
Droppod(resprited soiev)
there was something lessers too but i forgot
For UNSC i animated Auto(deathmachine)Doc too

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  The flying banana gaming Moderator Application
Posted by: the flying banana gaming - 01-23-2019, 06:03 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Age: 18

Ckey: The flying banana gaming

Discord Name: theflyingbanana#5954

Timezone: CET

Time in SS13: 5/6 years

Any SS13 Bans: Permabanned from yogstation, a few years ago. 

Prior Moderation experience: I am currently a recent admin on ST13 with some Panel experience, PP and helping people, though still learning.

Personally, I think the most important thing about moderating is: Making the rounds for everyone fun and enjoyable

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