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  Dennis Greene's URF Application
Posted by: emoats18 - 06-07-2019, 01:16 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Yabdab1212

Discord name: -/$$XxXEMONEYXxX$$\-#1001

In-character name: Dennis Greene

general character info:

Dennis Greene isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, he's not the most competent or reliable, he's not even a good fighter. But he does know how to work a mop.

Dennis was born on an outer colony, he can't remember the name, all he knows is that the "green army men" had to stop the "bad men with guns" he was "liberated" from a UNSC convoy that was bringing refugees to evacuation zones. He and the rest were given an opportunity to become "Freedom Fighters" and "stop the ones who destroyed their home". He didn't know what to think about all that, his family basically abandoned him and he's been homeless for years. So he accepted and was taken off world on some unknown freighter with the rest of the ones who had agreed and after failing basic training and being forced to clean over and over due to his shortcomings mentally and physically the URF realized his true calling... Janitor.

He didn't know what a janitor was, but he was good at it and learned quickly to avoid "weapons of mass destruction", "dangerous chemicals", and "guns that shoot bullets". He was sent to Camp New Hope and told "Just don't fuck anything up and keep it clean." So he did just that.

He usually just sticks to himself, cleaning floors, bathrooms, messes and etc, and laughing about monkeys or whatever random occurrence that he finds funny. He's not a violent person, and is not allowed to use weapons due to his... Mental deficiencies. But he is skilled at fixing things and being a janitor, so that should be enough to earn the respect of his fellow "Freedom Fighters".

Reason for joining : Several people in the URF recommended that I should apply, and I main URF janitor so why not.

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  Grunt gang
Posted by: N3zo - 06-05-2019, 03:27 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: N3zo

Discord name: N3zo

In-character name: (always random)

general character info: My characters usually just follow the person in command around and do small tasks, i've found myself piloting and helping around the ship mostly. I don't talk alot really I just like helping my fellow aliens out.

Reason for joining : I wan't to be of more use to the covenant and play as a white list race later on.

Roleplay Example/History: I've played ss13 for a couple years and I understand the basics of roleplay. I've spent time on yogs,paradise,tg,goon,BDC,AAS,Aurora,Polaris,VG...etc..

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  Caelum Fucks Up Again
Posted by: Caelum - 06-04-2019, 01:15 PM - Forum: UNSC Security Committee (Ban Appeals) - Replies (3)

Your Byond/Ckey Username: CaelumZ

Your character name (if relevant): Midik

Who were you banned by: thegreytide

Date of ban: 2019-06-04 07:43:24

Length of ban: Permanent (Until Appealed)

Full ban reason:  Reason: powergamed the MAC and spare ID ban is a perm due to history of such events.

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: I don't think what I was right. I'm not going to sit here and try to act innocent. I'll only say that I made a judgement based on the factors I'd been given prior, and the lack of Admins on at the time of starting the MACing. 

I understand if I should be punished. I'd just like it to not be permanent. I like this server and want to continue helping to make it better and RP on it. I enjoy my RP with people like Nicky, Koen and Allakai. I know I get a lot of chances here. I know I make a lot of screw ups. But you gotta know I don't do these things out of malice anymore. I do them because I'm trying to have fun, and sometimes It's late and I screw up and do something I shouldn't. I apologize deeply for the trouble I caused and the disruption of the round and the admins time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  Sleepy Retard's UNSC App
Posted by: Sleepy - 06-03-2019, 07:47 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Sleepy Retard

Discord name: sleepy from HR#7928

In-character name: Vanechka Penkina

General Character Info: Joined the UNSC out of lack of purpose, with nothing panning out post graduation. Ending up as just another faceless marine ready and willing to die needlessly carry out orders.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Standard UNSC marine. 

Reason for joining : UNSC diplomat referral. 

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  Seeder's Covenant Application
Posted by: SeederJoe - 06-02-2019, 09:59 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: SeederJoe

Discord name: SeederChief

In-character name: Tin'ral 

general character info: 

- Tin'ral is an Unggoy Major in his late sixties, only surviving due to mostly being stationed on vessels throughout his military career. Not much is known about him, but he's been skeptical about the Path. Unwillingly fighting for his empire, he tries not to cross the line the other Unggoy did during the rebellion in 2462, doing his bidding only to avoid prosecution as some Unggoy do. (Alot of Unggoys were swallowed up by "The Path", but lore-wise there were some that weren't really into it, only doing their bidding to avoid death.)

- His description: Tin'ral possesses the common characteristics of the Unggoy race, it's body short and stocky, the head round and as if lacking an actual neck. It's skin is rough and wrinkly, dark-purple in colour and covered in numerous scabs and scars, possibly due to it constantly scratching against it with it's stubby, yet clawed limbs. This Unggoy's voice is high-pitched, almost annoying to listen to.
Reason for joining : I like the covenant server-wise. It's alot more enjoyable than the URF and UNSC, so I'd love to get a shot at it. I've gotten used to the covenant vessels by now, and the general location of everything on the server, so It's safe to say I know what I'm doing most of the time. 

Roleplay Example/History: 
I don't really have any logs to show of me roleplaying as a grunt, but I use the /me function whenever it's needed to add some character to my Unggoy. An example of what I've done on him is how I showed descent levels of "FearRP" when captured by ODSTs, them being Ava and a few others on the ONI, actively trying to avoid death after my two superiors were gunned down infront of me. Tin is somewhat of a passive character in terms that he only utilises his weaponry when either forced to do so, or in self-defense. 

My roleplaying history is me mostly circling around clockwork SRP servers for around five years. I've mostly played Half-Life 2 Roleplay on a few very strict communities. Never done ss13 roleplay, wanted to, but never did until recently. 

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  URF Application
Posted by: joko380 - 06-02-2019, 07:54 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (2)

Ckey: joko380

Discord name: Buccaneer Bill

In-character name: John 'twoface' Sallinger

general character info: An avarage sized stocky build rough-sided charachter with calloused hands, he is used to working hard physical labour, he has a very rigid charachter yet he is a strict but fair. He has little to no facial hair and slicked back hair to compliment his square face, you get the general impression he is the strong yet silent type. He can be mostly seen with a cheap cigar in his mouth.

Born in the outer colonies, John had a hard and tough life growing up under an alcoholic father crushed by the large UNSC taxes enforced to fuel the many wars and conquests, at a young age he became indoctrinated with a hard hatred towards the globalist central attitude and he has seen many suffer under the yolk of opression.

When he first came into contact with an avid slick-talked recruiter he was quickly swayed to leave his live behind and serve the cause.

Reason for joining :  I have been always playing URF and i always appriciate the underdog, i also had some great runs as the URF commander before it became restricted. One time we beat back the entire covvie invasion on KS-7 before it was glassed and beat two of those worm boys, that was good times. I had a different name back then tho.

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  Enkidienne - ban appeal
Posted by: enkidienne - 06-01-2019, 10:43 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Your Byond/Ckey Username: enkidienne

Your character name (if relevant): it is not

Who were you banned by: Mclovin (i belive)

Date of ban: 2019-05-05

Length of ban: 3 months

Full ban reason: posting NSFW content on discord

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: 
On the 5fth of may, i, while trying to annoy another player, accidentally posted a NSFW image. So here how it went: i, in pm, sent a My Little Pony image to fellow player. This particular player had an aversion to furry related content and he reacted rather violently. I, for reason that i don't fully remember,decided to carry this small talk into the public server. i opened a page on "Furafinity" (a furry website), typed "MLP" (my little pony) and started randomly posting the resulting images without looking at them. Turns out, one on the said images had some kind of porn in it without me realizing it (i still don't know which image). So this is how i was banned for 3 months both on discord and on the game side. What i am asking for is a reduction to 1 months instead of 3, as my error was something i could avoid and, keep in mind that i belive the ban was justified, totally my fault. This error will not be repeated in the future, in any form. I personally belive that i paid enough for such an error and if a discord unban isnt justified in the eyes of the admins here, i beg for a reconsideration of the game side ban, as this error had nothing to do with the actual game. 
thank you in advance,

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  Discord Ban Appeal
Posted by: Lawnson - 06-01-2019, 11:28 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Your Byond/Ckey Username: Lawnson / Discord is: Lawnson#4227

Your character name (if relevant): N/A it was Discord

Who were you banned by: Desolane
Date of ban: 6/1/2019 at around 5:10 AM

Length of ban: Permanent

Full ban reason: Wasn't stated, but it was probably either because of spam or being a nuisance.

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: I use the discord to talk to people other than just shitpost. I was a general nuisance for a while, but I'm basically new to the community and it has barely been a week since I joined. It doesn't excuse the spam and the fact that I sperged out and pm'd a Head Admin out of the blue. If you allow me back into the discord I won't post any of these shitposts people have been complaining about and I'll tone it down. This is the first ban i've received on this community.

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  UNSC Application
Posted by: Domodyl - 05-31-2019, 09:35 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Domodyl

Discord name: Domo#1150

In-character name: Bigus Smith

general character info: A hard ass attitude and love for his fellow brothers in the UNSC.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Marine

Reason for joining : I have been apart of the server for a long time and mainly played covenant, but I want a chance to try out other factions. 

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  Caryl's Covenant Application
Posted by: Bernhaben - 05-31-2019, 08:10 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Caryl

Discord name: Caryl

In-character name:
Bernhab, the Unggoy Grunt (Minor/Major)
Caryl Bernhaben, the UNSC Marine(Bertels Crew Member)

general character info:
Xabern' Bexher

Reason for joining :
For my current time playing on the server, I've always been Bernhab, I applied and got accepted into the UNSC branch long before when the server was still starting up. UNSC never really got me playing a lot, since I find that my playstyle is more suited to covenant gameplay. True, that there are good roleplayers in the Covenant faction, but that is forgoing robustness. The way the Grunts are is what pulled me into the Covenant faction, these guys have been overlooked, suffered terribly at the hands of the Kig-Yar, but still made it through. All in all, the Covenant faction is a merry bunch of assorted factions, whilst the UNSC and URF are just plain humans who strive for differences.

Roleplay Example/History:

I've been playing as Bernhab solely in the Covenant faction, this little guy is an Unggoy born from their homeworld, shifted off as an egg and grown in the Covenant Empire from his youth. Bernhab is a cheery little guy that loves and likes to impress his 'Boss man'. Occassionally, he flails his arms when he's excited or worried. Bernhab adapted the typical grunt behavior, which is to be childish in any means (despite being a Major sometimes IC). He would scream "Yipee!" or "Waoo!" depending on the situation. His voice adds a comical vibe to the Covenant's Corvette.

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