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  Covvie App
Posted by: Kola506070 - 08-08-2023, 06:10 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Kola506070
Discord Username: Kola5060
Ingame Name: Biffy
General Character Info: Biffy is a grunt with a specialty in stealth actions and sabotage.
Reason For Joining: I wanna play some other roles in the covenant
Roleplay History: I've played ss13 for over two years and this server for around 2 weeks? I've played on HRP servers before and love RP'ing.

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  UNSC Whitelist
Posted by: Teragenic - 08-08-2023, 06:51 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Gorap

Discord name: Teragenic.

In-character name: Isaac Hall.

General character info: Your typical run of the mill guards-- Marine! They are middle-aged and have been in the Corps for quite some time. Being fit and well-toned for their MOS. They are ready to die and serve the UNSC.

Which role is your character's main: Marine (Recon).

Reason for joining: I've played here for so long, I thought I already did the whitelist, but that might've been on the old forum. Anyways, I've been on the discord for what... 3-4? Years... Maybe less. Anyways UNSC is good, I want it to maybe try field ops on another character or this one.

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  Ranno's Spartan WL (For da discord role >:) )
Posted by: Ranno - 08-08-2023, 03:53 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - No Replies


Discord name (eg Bob#123): ranno#1669

How long have you been a member of the UNSC?: 2 years or like a year and a half it's somewhere inbetween those two

Have you ever been banned here, or on other servers?: Never banned from here but I've been permbanned on yogstation

Why do you think this application should be accepted? I've been a ODST officer in the discord for awhile and considering how I play UNSC most rounds and play Spartan pretty often I've got quite a bit of experience. I am also quite robust when my internet isn't trying to murder me

Name of the Spartan you want to play (Name-000. Avoid commonly known numbers like -117.): I almost solely use randomized names but incase I need one then Altus-529

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  UNSC Whitelist.
Posted by: TheJudgess - 08-08-2023, 02:15 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: JackKindred

Discord name: Rebellious Bird.

In-character name: Amara Tesserah.

General character info: A stocky, hatchet-faced woman of lightly athletic build and perpetually morose expression-- born in some pissant, little backwater colony from around the way, and kicked off into the Corps the moment she got close to completing her life-long dream of becoming a professional deadbeat. Forgettable, at best. Probably fated to die in some minor skirmish in a dark corner, somewhere, and be sent back home in a soup can.

Which role is your character's main: Marine Specialist.

Reason for joining: I've been on-and-off of this server ever since it first went up-- two... years ago, maybe? More? Less? Memory fails me. But, yeah; though opportunities are many, I feel as though my desire and yearn to RP would be more easily expressed in roles that I really like-- such as being a Field Agent for the ONI.

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  Kenojono12342 Mod Application
Posted by: kenojono12342 - 08-07-2023, 05:46 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)


Ckey: Kenojono12342 

Discord Name: l25nights1125

Timezone: GMT-4

Time in SS13: 3 years 

Any SS13 Bans: Not that I know 

Prior Moderation experience: Fallout 13 

Personally, I think the most important thing about moderating is: I think what is important about Moderating is to just keep games fun and not bad and have people have fun and have a good gaming experience and make sure people follow the rules

Note that the server I was an admin on was shut down

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  UNSC whitelist (I can vouch for this guy)
Posted by: Gruesome - 08-07-2023, 01:42 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Gruesomeborg68915

Discord: Atriox's strongest warlord

character name: Chad Kentucky

gen char info: SIR YES SIR OOOOOOORAH!

role main: Marine

Reason for Joining: I wanted to fully embrace the might of the UNSC and more importantly the UNITED (states) colonies, and fly the flag like a true patriot oorah.

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  Covenant Whitelist
Posted by: Muslim123123123 - 08-05-2023, 07:55 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Blazestormo101

Discord name: Muslim123123123#1300

In-character name: Galleum

general character info: Galleum is a Jiralhanae Major who has served in the Covenant Empire's great military as soon as he came of age. He hails from Doisac- homeworld of his species and is a member of the Vheiloth Skein. Due to this he is a strong adherent to the Great Journey and although he isn’t that smart he more than makes up for it in unwavering loyalty. He is selfless and without order would give his life to the journey in hopes that his kin could go on without him.

Reason for joining : Trying to get my WL back so I can play as a big dumb Brute Major.

Roleplay Example/History: Played this on and off since late 2018. Lost my Byond account so had to make a new one.

More depth with factions details IE: roles, etc will be added later.

San'Shyuum- Galleum views them as almost god-like beings who carry much wisdom- he will do anything he can to serve and protect them.

Sangheili- Fierce warriors who Galleum believes think too much of themselves but he holds respect for their skill and devotion to the hierarchs nonetheless.

Jiralhanae- He believes his people are the fiercest warriors serving the Covenant and are the greatest devotees to the Great Journey besides the San’Shyuum themselves.

Mgalekgolo- A force to be reckoned with.

Yanme'e- Bugs that taste bad- if they weren't adherents to the Prophets then they would be adherents to death.

Huragok- They may be weak but it's better for them keeping the ship intact than an Unggoy.

Kig Yar- They get the job done.

Unggoy- Makes for decent support and good meat when dead.

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Posted by: mongolianyakfarmer - 08-05-2023, 05:37 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

CKEY: sheldonjplankton

Discord name: Monkey#0818

In-character name: Brillyus

General character info: One of the many savage, crude, and aggressive Jiralhanae that makes up the covenant ranks.

Reason for joining: Killing people is good

Roleplay History: I've been in this server for awhile, know what needs to be known for an average roleplayer and I have lots of experience in other servers

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  Covvie whitelist
Posted by: Grill - 08-04-2023, 09:21 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)


Discord Name: grillswaus

general character info: Usually play as a major grunt or minor Sangheili, random names for both because I randomize them every time I die and respawn.

Reason for Joining: I want to be able to play a bigger role and rank in the Covenant during rounds so I can assist better in the battles, and hopefully lead others and help them have a satisfying round. Also the Covenant is just absolutely bad ass and the coolest alien faction.

Roleplay example/history: I've been playing SS13 since 2018 and have played through a large variety of servers. Usually I come back to this game for the roleplay aspect of it, and since finding Halorp I love the mix of combat and roleplay the server comes to offer. One server I can recall playing with good roleplay is Aurora station.

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  Ban Appeal!
Posted by: TheJudgess - 08-04-2023, 07:26 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (3)

Your Byond/Ckey Username: JackKindred

Your Discord Username: Rebellious Bird

Your character name (if relevant): Don't remember, unfortunately.

Who were you banned by: mactoperfuror

Date of ban: 22-01-31.

Length of ban: Permanent. 

Full ban reason: Griefer.

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: Okay, let me start off by saying that I had been playing on this server ever since it first went up-- around 2021, I think? Early into 2022? And on that particular day, I was SUPER fucking faded-- so, essentially, I hopped into my secondary Ckey (which I no longer have), got into a chopper, went out into an urban environment-- a city-- and shot a few rockets at some walls, before landing. And that essentially got me banned permanently. Not exactly my proudest moment-- a lot of my friends have migrated here, recently, and I'd like to join once more, if at all possible. Thanks for taking the time.

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