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  UNSC Whitelist application
Posted by: PostmanPet - 02-07-2022, 07:30 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Discord name: PostmanPet

In-character name: Anthony Mathews (the possibly only one and primarily human character I ever play)

General character info: Anthony is a marine born on Jorogun, an Outer Space colony that is located on the frozen, irradiated world with big cities and high crime rates. Despite his rough origins, he's known for a rather laid-back attitude, a generously cheery attitude to things, quick whits and sharp tongue. He volunteered to be conscripted into the UNSC some time before the last UNSC-URF skirmishes and the start of first battles between humanity and Covenant. Over the course of this long war, his perception of the world around changes, stacking with scars, traumatic experiences and general tiredness of the happening bloodshed. Currently he's managing to hold a balance between the two- a brave "oorah", stubbornly refusing enemy the victory, or the more depressed state where he's getting to his limits and broken up. 

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc)Tongueointman/Field Medic Marine, can dub as a ship crewman or venicle pilot in the need of an emergency- a highly adaptive and ultimately expendable force, just like all marines.

Reason for joining:

I don't really find myself robust enough to apply for high-tier UNSC roles like ODST or Spartan. I find my skill too lacking to even consider myself on one of these jobs. However, I have spent about 80 to 90% of my total playtime on this server on this character in this specific role. I find it truly hard to play as anything else- even Covenant species. Mostly, I wish to know and understand the general type of people that keep themselves in UNSC barracks. 

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  Spartan Whitelist App
Posted by: Zagarnt - 02-07-2022, 01:04 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

What follows is the application for the Spartan-II role on-server. Acceptance of this whitelist will give you the Spartan-II tag on the discord alongside the whitelist on the server.

Failure to comply with server rules or general lowRP shittery may lead to whitelist removal.

Only those currently accepted into the UNSC Faction may apply to Spartan



Discord name (eg Bob#123):


How long have you been a member of the UNSC?: 

For when I have been whitelisted? About two months or so; disregarding the eight month wait period.

Have you ever been banned here, or on other servers? 


Why do you think this application should be accepted?

I have played Spartan-II whilst it was in the general roles for UNSC. I haven't gotten any complaints nor regards to a jobban, so i'd just like this little niche filled for when I do play UNSC.

Name of the Spartan you want to play (Name-000. Avoid commonly known numbers like -117.):


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  Jujulion URF SOE WL and whatnot
Posted by: pepega_lad - 02-06-2022, 07:47 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey (lowercased, spaces removed): jusa297

Discord name: Jujulion

In-character name: Jonathan Snyder

general character info: Snyder is an educated and trained man, he used to be part of the Outer Colonies Militia, often manning the ODP and providing medical support. He saw the conditions that the people of the colonies had to endure and the little to no relief they faced. Vehemently opposed to it when the colonies declared their independence, he was happy to go support the newly created United Rebel Front. That was long ago. He's now an experienced pilot and gunner, known for his great ability but he's starting to grow doubtful of the cause. In the face of an existential threat like the covenant, perhaps the hardships were necessary. He made an oath of service, however, so he'll uphold it.

Reason for joining: The URF doesn't get many members nowadays, though they could use the back-up.

Just to clarify, this is just for the WL, I don't want my faction change on the discord

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  Spartan Application
Posted by: Boltersam - 02-06-2022, 04:25 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

CKEY: Boltersam

Discord name (eg Bob#123): Boltersam#5279

How long have you been a member of the UNSC?: A while

Have you ever been banned here, or on other servers?: Probably

Why do you think this application should be accepted?: I would like to think that I have gotten pretty good at making alien man and rebel man going horizontal, and when had access to spartan while it was unwhitelisted, complied well with the RP and gameplay standards.

Name of the Spartan you want to play (Name-000. Avoid commonly known numbers like -117.): Mitch-080

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  spartan whitelist
Posted by: Bruhman173096 - 02-06-2022, 02:51 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)


Discord name (eg Bob#123): secsu 49#7715

How long have you been a member of the UNSC?: 1 month

Have you ever been banned here, or on other servers? Yeah sometimes, but i appealed all of the perma bans (only 1) and currently have no bans active, 

Why do you think this application should be accepted? I really like halo and really liked playing spartan the few times i did when it was still part of USNC, i want to have the option to play them if i feel like i want to.

Name of the Spartan you want to play (Name-000. Avoid commonly known numbers like -117.): Elliot-084

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  Complaint(s) i was told to do this im sorry
Posted by: SuckMySocks - 02-06-2022, 01:34 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Hello, Mister Socks here against my own will writing up a player complaint against Mister Blackwell for crimes against the United Earth Government and her Citizenry whilst playing as a Spartan II. Today during the URF Event, there was a lot of weirdness and warcrimes. Some bits were more noteworthy than others, but unfortunately this is the one that people have primarily grappled onto. And this is why I was told to make this report, by an admin, and the person whom had been killed.

[Image: 897be7d49b3126c717a16cb353b0344f.png]

Seen in the above picture, is one Sierra-042, Bill, questioning one Rose Coney, a Neutral Civilian Doctor, whom had been tending to both UNSC, and URF throughout the round, offering up medical aid. (Admittedly, they were primarily assisting URF due to the UNSC quite literally killing multiple civilians throughout this round for seemingly no reason.) This scene started when the Spartan entered the Hospital when there was no URF present. The Spartan cornered Coney, asked her a single question about her allegiance, she stated that they only assist 'people', as they're a neutral party. Implying they assist both sides during this conflict. On her person, she does not even have a weapon nor armor. However, there is a shotgun on the table near the operating table. (player told me this was only grabbed because Covenant were on planet) She is not a URF Sympathizer, nor a UNSC Supporter, simply someone caught between both sides of the conflict. Once she tells him this, the Spartan simply says his last phrase, and unloads a few rounds into this civilian without so much as an ultimatum, or giving her the chance to speak otherwise on the topic. With this done, the Spartan leaves and the scene in question ends.

[Image: f6342d30a788188c4b4c7abaea579d8b.png]
(picture of Coney in her natural habitat)

Overall, I must admit from someone looking inward, at least from my perspective, this was very low effort, and low RP interaction as a Spartan. Not to mention a Spartan simply killing a Civilian for stating that she provides medical attention to all sides should not be punishable by battlefield execution or any form of punishment for that matter. Actually, its quite the opposite, if we take Halo lore, and real world scenarios into account. Accurately in real Wars, even during Insurgent based operations, Military and Civilian Doctor's have to tend to the wounded on all sides, as simply killing them, or allowing them to suffer needlessly is a warcrime. Not to mention that Spartans are there to protect the Colonies and Their People. Picking out Civilian from URF should be a primary objective for the Spartans when they are enduring on insurrection-based modes. Killing everything for shits and giggles is a low, shitter thing to do. Also gives you bad PR.

However, I would also like to bring forward that this entire round was a massive fustercluck for the UNSC. While I do blame the Spartan for killing the Civilian. They were also in a sense following orders. The ONI Research Director of this round, one William Reid (do not know their Discord, nor Byond account), was a rather heavy drinker of the shitter-juice. With this said, I would also like to make this complaint somewhat about them, for their part in the slaughter that took place during this round. Being that they had quite literally, before the 10 minute mark had even been reached, ordered the MACing of the Colony before the URF had even stated their intentions. They heard there was a freedom party going to be happening at the bar, and instantly ordered the Colony and it's Civilian's to be destroyed. In the UNSC Mission Objectives (iirc) it even says that there are millions of innocent civilians on this planet. There was 5ish Innies round start. Less than 1% Geminus' overall population was Insurrection-aligned ICly, and this man ordered over a dozen randomized MAC strikes throughout the city, which killed at least 2 unarmed/unarmored civilians (not to mention the NPC's), and nearly killed a Marine. But not a single Innie was hit in the blasts as they were not using the designator. (They also shot the Hospital a few times with the MAC, which is a warcrime!)

Not only this, but he ordered the killing of all Civilians, as he dictated that they were all URF Aligned even though this simply was not true whatsoever. Much like Coney, there was multiple other Civilians whom were not URF Aligned. And they suffered by being shot down by Marines, and the Spartan. Soldiers whom are otherwise there for their safety. With this said, I would very much like it to be edited/updated somewhere that the ONI RESEARCH Director should have no say over Military Operations. They should be able give recommendations to the UNSC forces, and that's about it. Otherwise, this type of ONI-WARCRIMES-ARE-GOOD mentality will continue to spread as people tend to just ignore the fact ONI, for the most part, was indeed there for the betterment of the UEG. Needless slaughter isn't their calling card, as it's just a massive waste of resources. (Unless it comes down from ONI HIGHCOM or Admin Intervention type things)

(I don't have any pictures of William Reid, as I wasn't going to make this Complaint originally, but was convinced to do so after the fact. If you want to go through the round which happened around 10AM GMT-4, on the date of this posting. Please do so.)

Recommend, at the very least a suspension for AlbertBlackwell's Spartan privileges. Allow them to reapply within a month or something.
If you can find out whoever William Reid is played by, probably job ban them from ONI Director. As (unless memory fades and im thinking of another) they've done this type of thing before, and will likely try it again. ONI seem to reign supreme during military operations for some reason, and it's bad.

That's all folks.

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Posted by: Dawson - 02-06-2022, 01:17 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

CKEY: DawsonKeyes

Discord name (eg Bob#123): Dawson#8115

How long have you been a member of the UNSC?: 1-2 months

Have you ever been banned here, or on other servers? Yes, I am banned (and only banned) from Skyrat

Why do you think this application should be accepted? I'm well versed in Halo stuff to the point where I own the original edition encyclopedia and am getting the new one. I'm also like, cool, and stuff, and not an idiot that thinks running into two elite majors is a good idea.

Name of the Spartan you want to play (Name-000. Avoid commonly known numbers like -117.): Kapp-077

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  Zagarnt URF App
Posted by: Zagarnt - 02-05-2022, 05:09 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey (lowercased, spaces removed):

Discord name:

In-character name:
Danya Matevi

general character info:
A general colonist that joined the URF due to the UNSC's unjustifiable treatment and care for colonies.

Reason for joining :
Funny URF, and I just wanted to try an expanded faction and more roles.

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  Bruno-Asbahr UNSC app
Posted by: brunoute25 - 02-04-2022, 05:39 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Bruno-Asbahr

Discord name: Bruno-Asbahr#2235

In-character name: Andrew Silveira

General character info: Andrew Silveira is a man who values people's lives for this reason he cared more about caring for the wounded and saving them.

Which role is your character's main: I like to play doctor or field doctor more but sometimes i want to play as another profession.

Reason for joining: Well, I've been interested in UNSC for a while and would like to be a part of it.

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  SunoPerson Joins The Covenant
Posted by: SunoPerson - 02-04-2022, 05:23 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey (lowercased, spaces removed): sunoperson

Discord name: Suno#0502

In-character name: Mek.

general character info: Your average and slightly incompetent/loveable kig-yar

Reason for joining : Several reasons. Mostly i would like to play the other covenant roles. But also because i think it could present some unique and fun RP opportunities.

Roleplay Example/History: I used to main bay and i have an IPC whitelist there. Also used to play aurora quite a lot.

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