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  Nomad1776's URF Application
Posted by: Nomad1776 - 06-11-2019, 06:09 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Nomad1776

Discord name: Nomad#0974

In-character name: Jack Walker

general character info:

Jack Walker is a simple man, his goals are simple... To live a free and peaceful life. The UEG and the UNSC are between him and that. After seeing what the UNSC have done to smaller outer colonies like his own, he decided to join the URF and fight the UNSC.

Reason for joining : Conversation in the general chat on the discord server about how the URF are and decided to join.

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  UNSC Application - Cloaker_Joker115
Posted by: Cloaker_Joker115 - 06-10-2019, 10:17 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Cloaker_Joker115

Discord name: CloakerJoker

In-character name: David Samason

general character info: David Samason at the age of Nine-teen decided to try his hand at the UNSC after failing quite a few times to get a job, hoping to get more out of the UNSC than everyday life of slouching around searching for work and this was just after a year of graduating Highschool. Having a Main Interest in the weaponry.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Marine, Mainly Combative.

Reason for joining : I came across this server one day after trying to join toolbox but it put me ere in Halo, Tried it after a bit of OOC jokes and actually grew to like it. Though I need to get familiar with it I happen to like this SS13 server and hope I can get a bit cozy into it.

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  Emoats18's (-/$$XxXEMONEYXxX$$\-#1001) discord appeal
Posted by: emoats18 - 06-10-2019, 05:16 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (9)

Your Byond/Ckey Username: Yabdab1212

Your character name (if relevant): Dennis Greene (but it's a discord ban or kick I dunno)

Who were you banned by: Unknown

Date of ban: 06.09.19 (I think but could have been 06.10.19)

Length of ban: Unknown

Full ban reason: Unknown, possibly the picture of the man who shot up drugs and lit himself on fire outside of the white house on 05.29.19.
[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZpF0GozpjU]CBS Coverage of the incident.[/url]

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: I was given a verbal warning via private message by PantasTheFunniest#4682 on 06.09.19 at 4:20 PM EST and the picture was deleted and never posted again by me. Came back tonight to see the server was gone.

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  Erich Bishop ban Appeal
Posted by: KittyHawkpilot019 - 06-09-2019, 10:48 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (5)

Your Byond/Ckey Username: Kittyhawkpilot019

Your character name (if relevant): Erich Bishop

Who were you banned by: Allakai

Date of ban: 6/9/2019

Length of ban: 1 week

Full ban reason: https://imgur.com/VLgRqhY

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: This is my first (known to me) offense that the admins have taken on me, no notes prior to this event, just a straight up no warning 1 week ban.

I go AFK on vt-9 to do some irl things, i come back and 5 minutes after that i get a blaring message that the colony is being glassed, so I head to the umbilical to see if  the covenant are in docking range, and they were, so I crossed through the umbilical and waiting around ~4 minutes before taking any action. I head east, hacking doors until i got to an elite major on the glassing beacon, I head east to hack a door behind the elite, but the firing stops so i assumed he went west. So i bolt any doors between me and the elite. as i am now in the  engineering area with 2 wraiths in it, there are around ~5 doors to look at.And one of  them is conveniently labeled "atom bomb storage" or something similiar. So i go in, and activate the atom bomb. Like our objectives state we are supposed to aswell as ROE states using the atom bomb is fine.

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  Loaf's UNSC Application
Posted by: Loaf - 06-09-2019, 08:59 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Loafe

Discord name: Loaf

In-character name: Dustin Simmons

general character info: Dustin was born on Earth, enlisting in the UNSC Marines at the age of 22 after a couple failed attempts in the business sector. He tends to be calm even in tense situations, at times bordering on carelessness,  but usually finds a way to survive. 

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Marine

Reason for joining : I found out about this server on reddit, and it piqued my interest as an alternative to Colonial Marines, which I was bored of. I love Halo, and I played the first game when I was pretty young, and I love the lore surrounding the universe. I want to join the UNSC because I am a fan of the art style, and I like the underdog mentality that it has a lot of the time when facing the way larger and scarier covenant. 

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  SpartanBobby UNSC Application
Posted by: spartanbobby - 06-09-2019, 11:48 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Spartanbobby

Discord name: SpartanBobby#3214

In-character name: Jessica Weiss

general character info: After years of living on a space station, moving crates and dying of boredom, Weiss decided to join the UNSC when she could legally enlist to follow in her father's footsteps.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): UNSC Marine

Reason for joining:  Been having fun playing on the server and I think UNSC is the faction I enjoy most

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  discord unbann and server (cdr_Riley)
Posted by: Cdr_Riley - 06-09-2019, 10:56 AM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Your Byond/Ckey Username: 響、第6駆逐師部門「エコー」[APG](Riley)

Your character name (if relevant): ---

Who were you banned by: James

Date of ban: 8.6.2019 or 9.6.2019 /it was near midnight at the time

Length of ban: Permanet

Full ban reason: not using github template/ asking for why i should use it/ counts as backtalking to staff/  my answer of James ping

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned:  right first thing the template on the github is used manily for bugs and i dont see how it helps with suggestions, also there are many other people who dont use the template, second to the answer of james ping answer, https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/5...nknown.png     in the picture you can see him typing nut up or shut up and if he is making himself clear my answer was: You do.  the You do is relate to if he made him self understood, not about shut up or nut up,  it semms he missonderstood the you do,  wich again the you do was my answer to yes your understood ill shut up
 in the picture you can even see i said it again taht he did make himself clear / to back talking to staff, im gonna deny taht case yes i did type fuck the system due to the template , ive asked why i should use it bloxgate did answer on taht then

also it should be noted taht i do have dylsekia and i grew up in germany therfore my structer of sentce are to difer somtimes

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  New URF Armors are a little off
Posted by: emoats18 - 06-08-2019, 12:04 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (2)

[Image: lilofffront.PNG][Image: liloffback.PNG]

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  Nightspark43 Covenant Reapplication
Posted by: Nightspark43 - 06-07-2019, 10:54 PM - Forum: Finished Applications - Replies (1)

Ckey: Nightspark43

Discord name: Nightspark43#2718

In-character name: Sig

general character info: A fairly typical T'vaon Murmillo, though with a preference to sniping than Shocktrooper tactics.

Reason for joining : I find the Covenant the only interesting faction of them all, and quite enjoy Kig-Yar in general.

Roleplay Example/History: Have been playing SS13 in different levels of RP for several years, having just got off an HRP kick, my interest has once more come to L/MRP servers as my main interests.

More depth with factions details IE: roles, etc will be added later.

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  Movie Night
Posted by: MactoPerFuror - 06-07-2019, 03:46 AM - Forum: Section II (Announcements) - No Replies

We are hosting a Movie Night for the Halo Space Station community! Starting at Friday, 6/7/2019, 6 PM CMT. We will be tuning into 'Killer Bean Forever' with 'A Cars Life 1-3' following. (Movies and times are adjustable.)

As a reminder, if you have not tried out the new and reborn Geminus colony on the server, give it a shot and tell us what you think on discord! It has been merged with Invasion, mixing two of the best things together. We fixed most of the bugs this time, we swear.

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