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Covenant Player Complaint: Bacon Enderman
You used Citadel earlier as a joke, and now you're using it as a point against me. Not to mention that ban was made quite awhile ago and you're taking Citadel admins' word on it. You used furries as a way to insult me and then you double back to use them as a point against me. Who exactly is doing the mental gymnastics?

Additionally you said no appeal, so what good would evaluating myself do?

Furthermore I said you were trying to start and or contribute to the circlejerk of randoms coming onto this faction issue and throwing in their pennies without being prompted to. You saying that there's not a circle-jerk of admins biased against me is pretty incriminating.

And if you want to know, I was banned from Citadel because I made a joke about vore. Then since they were buddy buddy with ARFS they banned me there too. I was already butting heads with the owners there because of their repeat ticketing of me for asking LOOC questions back on main Citadel.
This has gone on long enough, I'm sorry but this thread is being locked. You've been given an honest chance and most of the staff didn't want me to lift your original ban but I wanted to give you a chance and you blew it. Take a break from here for now, there always time in the future.
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