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Covenant Player Complaint: Bacon Enderman
Regarding evidence, I wanted to wait until Golo posted his response to present it,

I'll let that speak for itself.
I didn't go behind your back on this one, Golo. I assumed you'd have already known about the complaint and were formulating a response, so I withheld the screenshots until now. I don't dislike you. In fact, I was pretty happy when you got unbanned. The problem is that you're going back to the way you were before that ban, and if you continue the way you are, then you'll get banned again. This isn't how you're expected to conduct yourself in the Covenant.

By removing and blacklisting you, you'll have to mellow out, as you put it. You have to work to improve before you're accepted back into the Covenant. I don't use the power to request removals lightly, but this is a situation where I've decided it's necessary.
If I used a specific gear for 'powergaming' events, then I surprised that you're not complaining about being killed within a few seconds.
These events usually involve my death. A sacrifice I am willing to make. However, the last (and only so far) event you took part in, you failed to roleplay so horrendeously that I'm in favor of you getting removed.

If you want organised events, you probably will have to wait and listen to what the event character has to say before throwing a plasma grenade at it and getting other covies to gangbang it. In my opinion, you are not a good (role)player at all. You seem to dislike me a lot, yet all you blame me for is spawning commando/champion gear, and you bring it up a lot, which comes as if that was the only thing that bothered you, because you want it yourself. Because you recoloured it (not sprited, big difference) does not mean you are entitled to have it at all. Especially not upon request.

I have provided a few legitimate reasons as to why you should be removed, as per request from the faction leader. Which they are entitled to know, because it's more or less their job to deal with the faction members they are in charge of.
In response to Bolter's images, in order.

- Context: Right after a flood round when the entire server was lagging to shit and everyone in OOC was complaining about it.

- Ren and I regularly insult each other. I like how the context is removed. Ren insulted me.

- I was joking. I was talking to Cael, not an admin.

- Admittedly yes, I was angry. I had made multiple points about lag at that point and I hadn't gotten any admin response. It's a running joke in OOC at this point so making an exception for my complaints but allowing everyone else to complain about flood is hypocritical.

- Same as before, a joke I said to Cael.

- That's the truth about what I feel and way less heated than what I said about lag. This also has an entire discussion behind it.

- I'm struggling to see what your point is with that image. To show that Koen and I dislike each other? To show I'd like to have more things ingame?

- Already said my piece about this stuff.

- Right after this XO told me himself that Flood need to be triggered by admins and it causes a fuckload of lag. This was I think my first real complaint about Flood lag, and I take the word of a Dev who's apparently disproving what the Owner says in this case over the Owner's word.

Koen's points:

- I don't roleplay with you. Other characters perhaps. It doesn't help that we're given nothing to do. I've participated in 2 rounds where there was a peaceful exchange of artifacts, and one where a meme was made due to said roleplay.

- Screenshots and logs. I already said I wasn't going to argue this point without photographic evidence so I suggest you do the same.

- I'm not going to repeat what I said on Discord until you have proof. And get all the logs whilst you're at it, as well as your traitor objectives which you assigned yourself that round.

- I already said, I recoloured it because I wanted it ingame and so it could be used rather than restricted just for admins. I don't see why admins get ingame privileges over regular players. I don't mean that because I recoloured it, its mine. I recoloured it so it could be used and implimented, and I assumed gameplay would change to accomodate it being implimented. It's a waste to have it sit there unused.

- I've been involved in two events where you use champion armor for your own personal gain or "roleplay". I struggled to see how you could roleplay with humans who don't understand you.

Also, how would I have known about this? You didn't tell me in any way and are fully aware that people only check forums when they're told.

Most of these images don't back up your points. None of them show me "aggressively requesting Champion armor". Some of them show me "attacking staff", more criticizing their use of the Flood freely and lagging the server as a result, something I know some of them are already aware of and do anyways. That Ren image is completely unrelated. It's just an out-of-context screenshot which only serves to make me look bad. Either you only looked at what I said in the searchbar and didn't bother to look at the conversations I was having, or you're actively disregarding the context.
This is already complete bullshit as we already know you're toxic and spiteful. I already banned you once for your behavior. You got unbanned and now other players are pushing for stripping you of your privileges. Enough of your "I want proof" bullshit. The biggest thing you should be worried about is finding a single person on the server that wants you to keep your faction privileges.
The voice of reason, I see. Very professional behavior. Entirely relevant too. Do say your piece and bring up your personal greviences. I've avoided talking to most admins except when its necessary, but you seem to enjoy provoking responses, and I haven't even spoken to you much before and after my ban.

If I'm toxic and spiteful, what's an admin who wants to disregard evidence, insists their viewpoint is truth and is trying to begin / contribute a circlejerk?
Nobody said I was a professional. I will say this continued dramatic bullshit has earned your smartass a ban with no appeal. You've been given your chances and I'm tired of hearing about some shitstorm surrounding you. Take your bullshit to Citadel or Paradise where you'll have a shoulder to cry on and you can tell them all about the unprofessional mean halostation admins and our bias. Fuck off.
You singlehandedly overtook this whitelist issue and turned it into a ban. Is there any reason why besides personal spite?
Aside from your toxicity and shitty attitude?
You say that but you don't see what you've written yourself? And you keep insisting I'm toxic but don't have any proof. Give me an example that's solid. I don't think I've been toxic post ban so it's your imperative to get proof to prove me wrong rather than just going all out.
Didn't you recently appeal a ban on Citadel with the reason "toxicity"? If multiple servers are banning you and providing the same reason across the board, maybe it's time you stopped playing word games and mental gymnastics, and actually take a step back to evaluate yourself instead of blaming your problems on bias circlejerking admins. I can assure you, I don't circlejerk with Citadel and if both servers are calling you toxic and trying to get rid of you, you're toxic. I can go ask around and see what other servers you're banned on for toxicity and cite them as well if you need.

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