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The Overmap Arc

Post ideas and more details about arc plans here. 

More civilian colony jobs, NPCs and economy
  • Bartender minigame (with drunk NPCs)
  • Scrap salvager
  • More civilian/insurrection research with illegal options and gadgets
  • Chemist minigame
  • Organlegging (with NPC trader)
  • Data broker (buying and selling research blueprints, hidden locations, mercenary info, gamemode info, other secrets etc)
  • Kig-Yar smuggler
  • Gas mining and processing
  • Expanded manufacturing and crafting
Player trading ships between colonies
  • Trade destinations mapped in (3-4 locations)
  • Able to buy quantities in bulk
  • Smuggling/tariffs/customs duties
  • More commodities for players  
  • Pseudo-dynamic commodity pricing with NPCs also adjusting to changing market

More NPC ship interactions
  • NPC ships have NPC traders on board that travel between locations and into or out of the system
  • Board NPC ships to arrest NPC smugglers
  • NPC pirates who demand cash transfers 
Balances, bugfixes, QOL and more content for First Contact and Insurrection mode
  • Ongoing
Innie Commandos and gadgets
  • Seeking ideas

Expanded black market and grey market 
  • NPC ships come and go with traders
  • More research options including gadgets
  • More commodities for purchase or production which can be traded or manufactured into items and sold or used

Space weather
  • Asteroid fields
  • Ice fields
  • Ion storms
  • Solar radiation pulses
  • Comets

Random events fixes and additions
  • See space weather
  • Fixes empty or bugged random events

Improved space combat (dogfighting, capital ship weapons) and boarding
  • Port from old code
  • Port ship combat from space battles, star trek station, ftlstation

Dogfighting and flyable shuttles
  • Port from old code
  • Rewrite shuttles
  • Player spawns all moved to static bases (space stations, planets etc) and NPC shuttles allow automated movement for those players without ship access

Civilian focussed gamemodes
  • Price of Power gamemode

Covenant artifact hunt gamemodes
  • Raid gamemode
Bring back old overmap and drifting fighters!
[Image: 76561198046761372.png]
No metro system?
Seeing as the game is getting a lot of work done I think that reworking the clothing system as a whole would benefit us as a whole and working on the covvies in terms of sprites

Garyip: A wanna be mad scientist with a plasma pistol.

Gaze Allieme: A slightly psychotic but devout follower of the journey.
We could probably add a fast travel system for planets. That would tie in to the idea of having other explorable locations on planets with restricted travel (hidden bases, far off mines or outposts etc)
That actually sounds epic I hope it's added in the near future

Garyip: A wanna be mad scientist with a plasma pistol.

Gaze Allieme: A slightly psychotic but devout follower of the journey.

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