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Ban Appeal
Your Byond/Ckey Username: James Koper

Your Discord Username: Tech Priest Waffle

Your character name (if relevant):

Who were you banned by: Stingray

Date of ban: 1-12-22

Length of ban: permaban

Full ban reason: toxic behavior.

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: Was not the right user baned from playing, was probly my brother or someone else who was using my network.
For reference, the full ban reason was "stingray540 has permabanned yacobpo157. - Reason: Ban on behalf of Mclovin. Toxic behaviour, too many last chances. You may appeal this ban on the forums. - This is a ban until appeal."

We discussed this on discord a small amount, assuming your brother is not yacobpo157, we still need that ckey to verify, as your ckey (jameskoper) does not have any bans on record on the server.
yacob if you want to play try to make a actual ban appeal dont use a alt this account has not been active in over 6 months and it magically is in use the day after you get permed? this is a big fat no

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