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Avery's UNSC app
Ckey: ReadThisNamePlz

Discord name: Mini Moose#6944

In-character name: Sophie Locke, Claire Scherer (If I remember right)

general character info: Sophie is the Marine, basic background. Came from earth, enlisted into the UNSC when she was eighteen, has been a part of it for about a year or so now, she's not the bravest, but that doesn't make her a coward. She refuses to give up on the mission, but will not put her life on the line if the odds are extremely against her. She hopes to be an ODST someday and feels that if that ever happens, she will be amongst the best of the best. Which, will most likely change her outlook on the UNSC and her loyalty to the 'corp'.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Marine/Oni Security. I play two, but Sophie is my Marine.

Reason for joining: My boyfriend dragged me here, but I also love Halo to death. Like, it's my childhood. 
Welcome to the UNSC!
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