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Implementation of Spartan II
Give researchers at VT9 one kit of augmented organs and implants, remove one orion kit, so it is maximum of 2 orions and one spartan 2, or, if its overpowered, one orion and one spartan 2, give researcher another top secret message from UNSC High command about the revival of Orion project, and first steps in Spartan project. Also, admins still have to roll for success (10 is still successfull roll), but if the roll is failed, the person recieving the implants just dies. Also, spartan armour should obviously be added in that case. Allow researchers to research spartan laser. Make it so that it requires combat tech level 9 and materials tech level 9 and require some rare resources to make. If it does not currently exist as event weapon, implement it as a very slow weapon, that one-shots, or heavily injures everything, but mechs and maybe elite majors/zealots. And maybe make it so that default spartan armor is a bit better than Orion, but does not have shields and requires a high research level to accomplish.
No, Spartans will never be craftable
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