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Frontlines Mod application
Age: 16

Ckey: Frontline238

Discord Name: The Frontline

Timezone: Gmt

Time in SS13: Been playing consistantly since 2017's June...So roughly a year and a half

Any SS13 Bans: 
Banned  for four years from Tg-Too young

Perma Banned from hippie- Throwing an explosive lance at someome stealing the captains antique laser gun while I was an assistant

Perma banned from citadel main and rp- Being too young and greytiding(E.G, Commiting suicide in prison, burning a sec officer....alive, Screamed in comms about being raped by same sec officer whilst they were alive.

"Light"(Perma banned until I find out what I did wrong to quote them loosely) perma ban from Polaris- I turned the autopilot off on both of their shuttles as a non traitor pilot then more or less kinda talked shit to the two admins who ahelped me

There is probably more....

Prior Moderation experience: None worth mentioning(Was admin on a sandbox ss13 server but my application for it was literally "Name: Frontline238
Reason for becoming admin:Felt like it"

Personally, I think the most important thing about moderating is: Caretaking the server, making sure I dont piss off staff/players/Anyone really. Making rounds interesting. 

Extra notes: I want to be a moderator as I genuinely care about the server, I have had good memories on it and I enjoy playing as a Insurrectionist and other roles. I also want to be it for the learning experiemce of being one.
Isaac riker: The urf's Official tech-Priest and the URFC'S Sharpshooter

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