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Covenant Application // Sangheili
Ckey: Xero360

Discord name: pierow#2118

In-character name: Usano Lim' Badan

General character info: A self acclaimed prodigy of royal blood of the Badan family, who spent his whole adolescence life studying combat and Covenant religious values. Usano is a cocky one who aims to prove himself capable on the battlefield to prove his strong pride and faith of all Sangheili as true.

Reason for joining: I want to try different roles and roleplay something different other than Unggoy. I really enjoy roleplaying as Covenant, and I feel familiar enough to give it a shot, as long as you give me that chance.

Roleplay Example/History: Most of my roleplay experience came from Garry's Mod from 2007 to today. I've played as Civil Protection in Taco n' Banana and several other servers, and I was the Taliban Special Forces CO of Icefuse and admin in 2017.

More depth with factions details IE:

  • Unggoy: Seen as nothing other than canon fodder to Usano. He does not respect their cowardliness, but looks high upon the few's loyalty.
  • King-Yar: Respected and valued more than Unggoy. Usano feels they are better suited with complex tasks than the Unggoy, and has a bias to favor them more.
  • Jiralhanae: As expected, Usano feels an unease and bitter rivalry between their ranks. Respected, yet disgusted.
  • San'Shyuum: Usano has the upmost respect for the prophets, and blindly follows their every command. He has no doubt, and faithfully follows them.
For the great journey!
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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