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Player complaint on both Cash and Tau
Ckeys: Cash7800 and Taumanta

Reasons for Taumanta:
*Has repeatedly defied ONI and their orders and has ignored the primary objective of protecting VT9

*Has attacked the Avarice as fast as 10 minutes into a round, using missiles and MAC rounds

*Does not treat URF as Human in or out of character, instead as animals for him to slaughter

*Does not adhere to chain of command

*Is aggressive to civilians and CCVs

*Is not clear to command and will go out on his own and make his own objectives

*Will start 'hunting' URF at the beginning of rounds, disregarding time the round has been up

Reasons for Cash7800:
*Is extremely disrespectful both in and out of character

*Is a proud rusher, with two rounds back to back of them making haste to engage opponents and kill them

*Was observed during an OPRF round as a Spartan taking a rifle and running off to the gravlifts before anyone had geared up and slaughtered the prophet before the Covies could establish even their own teammates, admitted to rushing afterwatds

*Rushed the Avarice not 10 minutes into a FC round after the OPRF mishap and boarded it with the intention of killing the crew and sabotage, but was engaged by the two Commandos up and was prevented from breaking the consoles in the bridge, demanded for ODST C12 to break into the blast door areas to cause further damage, despite being a private and the ODST medic that was up being a Lance Corporal, proceeded to call out the medic for not boarding the ship and taking part in the attack, continued to pressure the same ODST to board a ship they were firing upon, alone, to kill the crew

*Does not recognize RP and does not see the rushing as a problem

Requested punishment: blacklist Taumanta from Marine Platoon Leader and reprimand Cash7800
+1 on Taumanta

Has shown willingness to fight, standoff with, and potentially outright fuckin fire on friendlies for disputing with him/or his orders.

Too fucking aggressive, highly unpredictable.

Why the hell does he always take command of the ship when he is a Private?

Attempted to fight a Hunter with a knife because it would make 'a good death'.

Managed to get ripped by a Hunter while being backed up by two godly ODST Battle Riflemen and a Colossus, but thats partially my fault for not packing enough ammo.

tl;dr he is an absolute ass and isn't combat effective
Jason Murray says, "I can point out colonies, but no fleets"
Xavo 'Rozumee asks, "Where are the colonies?"
Jason Murray asks, "You know that asteroid near here?"
Xavo 'Rozumee says, "I am familiar with it."
Jason Murray says, "Human colony man"
Request accepted, Ended up with giving the platoon leader ban.

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