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Capture Points
Just a quick suggestion I think would be pretty cool for this upcoming Arc.
As stated in the title, capture points, yes good job.

What are Capture Points you may ask yourself?

Well Jimmy, that’s a good question, capture points are placed or locations that can become captureable, once captured these points would cease the spawning of a certain roles. 

How I believe that it could be added:
Faction X are attackers, Faction Y are defenders.

Have an ID locked button that only reacts to the certain faction ID’s, swiping of an enemy faction ID sends an announcement server wide that faction X is taking faction Y’s vessel, they must hold the capture point for five-ten minutes. If the Vessel crew successfully repel faction X from capturing the vessel all they’d need to do to stop the countdown would be to swipe their own ID, simple as that. However if faction X successfully captures faction Y’s vessel then all spawn points on said vessel will be disabled so faction Y can no longer spawn on that vessel.
This could work on any vessel, could even work for the colonies and worlds as a whole.

Suggestions on how to improve this would be greatly appreciated, I spent a whole 2 minutes typing this so help me out fam
-1 My main issue is Faction A take objective x and y, faction x all spawn on objective x. Faction B sneak past objective Y and take objective x by sneaky breeki,Faction A can no longer spawn in, objective b is surrounded by faction b.

Word of improvementBig Grinont have capture points.
Isaac riker: The urf's Official tech-Priest and the URFC'S Sharpshooter
Having capture points be in easily guarded areas such as the bridges of ships would make it extremely hard for people to simply sneak around them, considering all ships minus the Thorn have easily fortified bridges and considering the Thorn is being replaced by the Bertels, I don’t overly see a problem with that.

And being that it can be held for ten minutes means that there will likely be two waves of enemies, the first group of defenders, and the obvious second wave of new spawns that would be coming in after their dead timer is up.

This would also encourage players to attempt to capture ships rather then just outright destroy them. Because let’s be honest here, no one in their right mind tries to steal ships outside of canon events due to them having a constant respawn of new enemies.

If you fuck up and lose your ship to the enemy faction, that’s your fault. You should feel the consequences.

I also have no idea what you were trying to explain Riker, sorry but the objective 10 and xb9 talk had my head wrapped around backwards, man.
I feel like there should be a requirement for fully capturing. Say you completely capture and the timer goes out. Now you need to remove any members of a single faction from that vessel to capture it, whether it's them escaping VIA the escape pods or being killed. I.E URF have to kill all members of the Bertels. If they aren't killed or removed in a certain amount of time then faction spawns are enabled again.
Could just make it so if there is any remaining forces on the ship they can retake it as long as they capture the point from the other faction! I also feel like what you’re saying would be extremely hard to code, but that’s also coming from a guy that knows little about SS13 Code. Like the idea tho.
Nice idea. What will happen to spawn locations if a ship is destroyed or captured?
If a ship or base are captured then it disables the spawns on that location.

>UNSC invade the Asteroid Base and capture the command centre, swipe ID and hold it for ten minutes, after the timer is up all spawns on the Asteroid Base are disabled, in this case it would be” Insurrectionist” and “Insurrectionist Commander”. If there are any Innie survivors on the Asteroid base after the timer is up then they must either hide, fight back, retreat or simply die.
I think that for a capture point to be enabled and available to capture, there needs to be a minimum population limit for that faction.

Otherwise you have, as a random example, ten innies steamrolling through the bertels while only one marine is awake.
Pretty good idea though, and it'll cut down on people blasting ships to bits to make sure they're finally really dead this time and introduce an incentive to board.
Would definitely work better if we had higher pop, yes

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