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PantasTheDark's Covenant Application
Ckey: PantasTheDark

Discord name: PantasTheDank

In-character name: Fal 'Nezum

general character info: A young Sangheili that has proven himself to be an honorable warrior of great capabilities. Thus his great journey has only begun.

Reason for joining :
I love playing as covvies, played a lot as Unggoy Major, and I'd like to try Sangheilis now.

Roleplay Example/History:
Several (sadly unfinished) D&D 5e campaigns,one finished AD&D campaign(BBG won), one still ongoing starfinder campaign, and I played almost all current servers on ss13.
More depth with factions details:

-Unggoy: Fal sees the small unggoys as the main infintry of the Covenant, nothing special about them, just cannon fodders and such.

-Kig-Yar: During his life he always had a disliking for the Kig-Yar, a personal opinion that he knows he has to ignore when he is on duty.

-Jiralhanae: He has huge respect for them, mainly for their strenght and capabilities of survival. Doesn't mind their lack of inteligence, he considers them to be smart "enough".

-Sangheili: Fal values his comrades the most, only being more valued by the Prophets, but he would die for his brothers and sisters without a second thought.

-Mgalekgolo: He shows clear signs of fear when near these towering beasts, but is none the less glad they are on their side.

-Huragok: Ship fixers, nothing special.

- Yanme'e: Fal doesn't know much about them, is yet to witness their effectivness in a battle.
For the great journey!
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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