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ONI Report: Adam Hunter
Full name: Adam Hunter

Nickname(s): Apache

[Image: tumblr_nesjq1YMCt1tt3wuco1_250.gif]

Age: 34

Birthday: 07/15/2116

Gender: Male

Position: ODST Private First Class

Notable traits: Loyal to the corp, a marine's marine, someone who you would want to watch your back in a foxhole, but not someone you would want to take home to meet you sister. 

Persona: Hard although usually a bit warmer to the marines he knows, although he likes to tease the rookies, he is overall willing to go through hell to help keep them alive during a mission and to make sure everyone of his "boys" makes it through the mission safe and sound. 


He was born in Manchester although his parents moved to London shortly after he was born and he lived a fairly normal life. Poor by no means, sadly not rich either, his family was just the typical middle class lost within the mass of the middle class within London. His family expected him to become a tailor like his father, but Adam had other plans, ever since he was a boy, he had always been fascinated with the military after reading about the stories of the British Commandos during the second world war, and the legendary Mad Jack Churchill, who would carry a sword into battle as well famous British Commanders like Wellington, Montgomery, and Col. Tim Collins. He studied military tactics and tried to learn as much as he could before joining the UNSC after completing high school due to his belief he could do more good by be able to travel to any planet that would require help. 

During his first tour of duty he was sent to help stop a revolt going on one of the UEG colonies due to unfair working conditions. When his unit arrived on scene they held their ground until a protester fired a pistol near one of the marines, they were given the order to open fire on the unruly mob and his very first kill was that of a civilian. A small girl who had probably been with one of her parents at the rally.  A memory that he still hates himself for, and any officer who has read his file should not bring up if they do not want to be treated hostile by the person on record. When his unit had found out a ONI official had given the order, the man was found beaten and it is suspected that Hunter's unit had beaten the man after making them fire on the crowd. It is also advised to keep him clear of any ONI members who he does know personally otherwise it could lead to problems. 

After the incident and the beating of the ONI member and the investigation proved to be inclusive, the unit was broken up and the members sent to various other units so that the incident could be swept under the rug. Without his other squad mates and haunted by being the little girl he killed during the riot, he soon found himself on a death wish, usually taking point in operations and usually out of cover in firefights pushing enemy positions trying to have the lucky bullet that would put a end to him...but it seemed fate would rather he suffer from his flashbacks. His tactics also costed the units he was with more lives as well as they either tried to cover him or follow him only to result in finding the bullets that he wanted to take his own life. Thus with every battle, and every attempt to have the enemy take his life, it ended with more lives that were cut short with him in them. After his second tour during leave he almost killed himself with jumping off a bridge, but it was reported later in his report that he only was stopped by a man walking along the bridge. The man apparently was a priest, but not of god, but of the old gods. He talked Adam down and had him to come his home and talk to the young man about his time in the service. 

The priest taught him the way of the old gods, and talked with him about his choices since the death of the little girl at his hands and his suicidal attempts to die. He instead taught Adam that if he truly wanted to be happy in death, he should do it not rushing to his death, but fighting and proving his worth as a warrior. That if he died a true warriors death then he would find happiness with Valhalla, and although he didn't really care where he ended up, he knew that on his current path he may find his own comrades putting a bullet in his back. Finding a new sense of purpose to prove himself on the battlefield he re-enlisted for a third term and much to the shock of the doctors who told him to not come back, he passed his mentality test with flying colors and was sent back into active duty. During his third tour, it was recorded by his fellow soldiers that instead of charging blindly into enemy fire (although he still did that) he fought smarter and made sure that his fellow soldiers would not be in harm's way in his antics. During this time he also was promoted to Sergeant due as well as receiving his nickname by clearing a room with a military tomahawk once his weapon was knocked from his hands during a struggle with a insurgent. 

Known Associates: Unknown at this time (I'll update for you lovely folks who get to know him). 

Basic appearance: Scars on his face and body due to various bar fights, close quarter combat fights, and a few ex lovers. Although he usually has the tone of a hardass, his light green eyes seem a bit more welcoming and friendly. He is fit, usually finding him in a gym or on a run when he is not on a tour with the corp. He has dark brown hair usually under his UNSC hat and usually hates to wear a helmet, usually saying that it can't stop a sniper round anyway so if he is going to die then he wants to die with what he wants to wear. He usually has his uniform rolled up either showing his forearms or just wearing a t-shirt underneath his armor depending on the planet's temperature they are on. 

Likes: Whiskey, Good leadership, Discipline, Good cigar, cooking, and a sharp knife

Dislikes: Cowardice, Traitors, Stupid Orders that get marines killed, and the death of civilians and non combat personnel 

Strengths: His years wit the corp as allowed him to familiarize himself with most of the weapons used in combat even some not used by the UNSC, combat leadership (although it has been known he is not known to take command unless he sees that the other leaders are not doing their job), pretty handy with a knife if it is either cooking a good meal or slicing into a enemy. 

Weaknesses: He has been known to disobey orders if he believes they will either kill him or his men just so in his words "Get a new promotion and a shiny new title", as well as marines who endanger the lives of himself or other marines around them.
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