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Canon Event Details
   The First Contact Canon Event
  Date: 12/21/2018
Time: 6PM CDT
Details:  We shall be hosting the first contact canon event this Friday, all the factions will be involved in this round and the end results will be documented onto the wiki as official server canon lore. Note we will be little heavy when it comes to enforcing the rules and RoE. The round will follow the current set RoE in place (Humans not knowing about the covies and vice versa) and will last for two hours at best depending how the round progresses in general, note what happens in this round WILL effect your future encounters later down the line once the server pushes forward within the server canon. To help moves things along main key players within the factions will be given objectives at round start for a general goal to aim for, but it will still mostly be open ended how the players will reach the end goals. I would like to also note if your character dies during this event you are free to opt-out on having that character die permanently, you can just replace them with a throw away character if need be once lore page is up. more info will be given at the start of the round
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