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Vavo 'Damarai (failure to meet rp standards)
Ckey: I don't know

Character: Vavo 'Damarai

Reason for complaint: He was playing as sanghelli ultra, the highest covvie role on FC, one that has high RP standards, but he failed to meet those standards and even committed borderline heretical stuff, like getting a human machine gun(thankfully he didn't fire, but he almost did) approved of a grunt using the Bertels defence systems, and sending away boarding pods, and he was glad that he was healed after someone transplanted a human leg onto him.

He also ordered us to fire on the avarice without it doing nothing to us (I missed all my shots because I didn't want to kill someone who did nothing), and had a very strange choice of words, like saying "Lets put some smoke on their ass" (I erased the screenshot by accident, sorry there, but pillow, foolius and some other players on that round can vouch for me)

All in all I think he should be removed from the sanghelli whitelist until he can prove that he can meet RP expectations

According to bishop on discord he also took a pelican and drove it with other covvies watching him
He did use the Human HMG, he busted a few doors and windows with it (accidentally shot me like 5 times with)
He has been dealt with.

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