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Pillows mod app
Age: 23

Ckey: KaseyWolf

Discord Name: The Pillow

Timezone: EST

Time in SS13: about a year

Any SS13 Bans: i was once PC banned from paradise because someone else spoofed my mac address. i had never played on paradise before an i was able to get the ban appealed

Prior Moderation experience: I own my own discord server, I moderate one other server. I've been moderator for a few things otherwise but its been so long I cant remember the name of them.

Personally, I think the most important thing about moderating is: Control over a situation and making sure all the facts are straight and listening to every side of the story. a wrong ban is a bad ban and a bad ban is trouble for everyone involved.
While I've seen you very active on the discord, I can't recall ever actually seeing you on the server. Don't currently have anything to say other than that, so I'm still neutral for now.
While your interest in moderation for the server is commendable, I don't recall seeing you on the server itself in a long while. I also seem to recall a previous incident with staff that caused you to leave for a few months. Before I would accept this application, I would have to see more activity on the server.
I understand the concern about my lack of playing, but I am active. I do not mean on just the discord. As for the incident it was more personal then anything else, and I'm a very professional person when I need to be. very recently, as in about the last two weeks, i have been playing catch up in my classes due to my internet going out when it is cold. this might also have attributed to you not seeing me around in server as I haven't been able to play when I'm out of classes.
after some discussion with upper management you've been approved.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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