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Application for Sangheili glory!
Ckey: Xyodo

Discord name: Xyodo

In-character name:   Xeko 'Vuram

General character info: Trained in the ways of the warrior, but quite lacking in the realm of real combat experience, Xeko 'Vuram is a minor Sangheili with great aspirations for advancement. He makes an effort to learn something with each encounter or battle, remain loyal to his comrades, endeavor to leave no one behind, and break no promises made to an ally or adversary alike. He makes sure that his debts are paid twofold, and has always borne a slight worry in the back of his mind that he may be the biggest coward he's ever seen (And he feels that even if this is  completely unfounded, that the worry itself may be a sign of cowardice).

Reason for joining: I've always loved aliens, and the covenant from the halo series is not an exception. I like the varied yet somewhat similar composition of all the different species, and their futuristic plasma technology is desirable to me beyond any other sort of tech/equipment. The religious fanaticism that many in the covenant seem to possess intrigues me, because I think a shared religion between organisms with different origin planets who share a sort of "creator" figure is a very neat idea, and a change from the usual, low tech = religious trope. On the server I've been playing as an Unggoy (named Yudyud, he's a friendly fellow) and having a blast, although I still make at least one mistake every round, I am becoming more familiar with this conversion of SS13. As far as my reasons for joining this forum, I love SS13 and Halo, and I've yet to really dive into any specific space station 13 community, usually just joining servers to have my fun and then go on my way (I think it'd be great to join this particular community, if you'd have me).

Roleplay Example/History: I've played space station 13 on varying levels of roleplay, Garry's mod servers involving roleplay, and I've done a couple of sessions of Dungeons and Dragons with some of my friends in the past. Generally, I'm not very skilled in it, but always looking to improve, and I actually stress out a bit sometimes while roleplaying, carefully weighing if what I'm saying in characters works all right, but I've been working on being more relaxed with it.

More depth with factions details: I think this is a marker for expansion on the application itself? I'll just put a bit of what I've seen in the accepted applications here.

Relations with the Unggoy: Xeko 'Vuram actually thinks that many Unggoy are among the most honorable in the Covenant. He sees that they are naturally not as gifted in strength like many of the other species, and even have to carry methane tanks just to breathe on the field of battle, let alone fight, and yet still they fight to their deaths in most cases, all in the name of the Great Journey.

Relations with the Kig'Yar: He sees the Kig'Yar as a vital role in the armies of the Covenant, with their agile frames and sharpened senses. They seem excellent at attacking priority targets or scouting ahead for information, and Xeko 'Vuram is delighted that they fight on the side of the Covenant.

Relations with the Jiralhanae: While a good addition to the Covenant's strength, Xeko 'Vuram sees the Jiralhanae as a bit more of a danger or liability than an asset. For now they seem to be helping, but he worries that they may drive the Covenant the wrong way, similar to their own stewardship of their homeplanet. In addition to that bit of risk, he feels that the Jiralhanae can't really do anything special that a Sangheili couldn't do better.

Relations with the Mgalekgolo: Xeko 'Vuram honors the Lekgolo for not only thier combat prowess but their ultimate expression of unity. Alone one could not accomplish much, but together they rival the strength of many warriors. He believes they are most certainly greater than the sum of their parts and he aspires to work in a warrior unit of some sort with at least half the cooperation.
Now this is a elite I'd be willing to follow truthfully but other then me id work on bit of a intimidation aspect to your character if you can't lead the kind way to get your squad through a operation fear is always a good plan B even more so with unggoy but otherwise good app I'll give my +1

Garyip: A wanna be mad scientist with a plasma pistol.

Gaze Allieme: A slightly psychotic but devout follower of the journey.
Welcome to the covenant
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