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2018/2019 Roadmap
Since Github is hard for community members to access and pinned discord messages are easily lost in the chatter, I'm posting the development roadmap here for reference and comment. This will be updated periodically as ideas are added or changed and with more visibility it will be easier for developers to plan 

Quote:Overmap Arc
  • More civilian colony jobs, NPCs and economy
  • Player trading ships between colonies
  • More NPC ship interactions
  • Balances, bugfixes, QOL and more content for First Contact and Insurrection mode
  • Innie gadgets
  • Expanded black market and grey market 
  • Space weather (asteroid fields, ice fields, ion storms, solar radiation pulses, comets etc)
  • Random events fixes and additions (see also space weather)
  • Improved space combat (dogfighting, capital ship weapons) and boarding
  • Dogfighting and flyable shuttles
  • Civilian focussed gamemodes
  • Covenant artifact hunt gamemodes
  • Improved objectives system

Quote:Forerunner Arc
  • Playable monitors and sentinels
  • Prometheans
  • Forerunner installation
  • Flood content
  • More Flood themed gamemodes (also expanding Stranded)
  • Forerunner installation gamemodes


Quote:Invasion Arc


Completed Arcs

1/6/18 - finishing by new year

Quote:Covenant Arc 
  • Make all Covenant species playable
  • Add race specific gear for Covenant
  • Add working Covenant languages and comms
  • Map in Covenant ships
  • Add Covenant themed gamemodes
Sounds pretty awesome I want to see more people on so maybe a content update would do the trick, this might be the trigger for some truly awesome moments.

Garyip: A wanna be mad scientist with a plasma pistol.

Gaze Allieme: A slightly psychotic but devout follower of the journey.
I'd like to see a flood arc, that turns them into a fully playable faction.
(12-13-2018, 05:33 AM)Liam Gallagher Wrote: I'd like to see a flood arc, that turns them into a fully playable faction.

The forerunner arc will probably take care of that.

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