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URF Gadget Suggestions
What is this?
Right now, two factions dominate. The UNSC have their incredibly talented ODSTs, with an incredibly good and persistent success rate. The Covenant have their Elite, well Elites, who's equipment is unmatched by all, only closely matched by admin-spawn Spartans. So, what do the Innies have? If the Innies's weapons are outclassed by both factions, having their best readily available weapon being a ripoff of one of the less powerful Marine weapons, with a smaller mag and even less damage, and if their regular armor is torn apart quickly and easily, barely being able to withstand two BR bursts, and their ships are torn apart by the other faction's weaponry, with theirs barely scratching their ships, How are the URF supposed to supposedly win engagements? My proposal is simple, both other factions lack a very important aspect, barely delving into it. Something the Innies can easily match up to and even the playing field with both, without having to buff their raw power.....

This magical aspect is Gadgets. The ODSTs get C-12 charges, a robust and reliable explosive for entry. The Covenant have nothing (YET). Because of this, there is serious potential for the URF to outclass the other factions, without needing raw power or powergame'y tactics. You don't need Power alone to win engagements, you also need a significant amount of skill, which gadgets excel at enhancing. After all,
 "All warfare is based on Deception" -Sun Tzu

These Gadgets are mainly focused on assisting the user, or accomplishing a simple task. Usually helpful to have, not usually effective for combat.
C-7 Foaming Explosive - Similar to the explosive gel from the Batman games. Comes in a Can, and can be sprayed and remotely detonated on a wall/door. Innie = to C12

Door Subverter - Small Device that attaches to the front of a door or airlock, and lets it open for everyone. Must stay on the door for the door to remain subverted. Can be removed from the door with a screwdriver. [Used in the Mission: 343 Guilty Spark]
These Gadgets are mainly focused on the injury of targets, or slowing down their attack/response. Mostly used in defensive methods, sometimes indifferent to friend or foe.
Smart Mine - Small round landmine that only detonates in response to IDs. Will not detonate to Civillian or Innie IDs, but will detonate to No ID or UNSC ID.

Spring Guns - A spring that connects to the trigger of a gun (presumably shotgun) and pulls the trigger in reaction to any amount of force. If you touch it or step on it, it will fire, hopefully wounding the target who set it off. 

These gadgets are always focused towards use in combat, and tend to excel in this. Mostly used in Offensive methods, sometimes can cause heavy collateral. 
MAKO Drone - Remote controlled attack drone armed with missiles (but for balance purposes, we'll restrict it to Machine guns). Quite fragile and the pilot must be in somewhat close proximity to the drone in order for the Remote controlled nature to work.
Suggestions that don't fit into the Gadget focus, but interesting suggestions nevertheless. Weapons, Grenades, Armor, anything that isn't a "gadget"
S.T Grenade - Old WW2 anti tank weapon, due to being so old, most of the insides have been replaced with working equipment. Probably won't do much to a Scorpion tank, other then annoy it. Effective against ODSTs, incredibly shit against shields. The timer is inconsistent, ranging from 3 seconds to never, depending on the craftsmanship.

Dykoanov Rocket Launcher - Literally just a Mosin Nagant with a rocket on the end, not much else to say. Single shot, long reload time, high damage.
Can an admin please move this post to the Server Suggestions? Looks pretty solid.
Moved to the appropriate section.
Bumping this
The covenant do have breaching charges, I'm pretty sure.
Bump. Sprites for all of these (except the spring gun) have been made, and as far as I know they'll be implemented soontm. If you have any more ideas, post them now and sprites will be made.

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