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First Contact revamp suggestions
honestly, I think its just a lack of content which puts people off FC.

it boils down to basically what GC was, the URF fight the UNSC over VT9, eventually one side winning and the round basically being over.

some more things for factions to do would be great, right now its just "sit over VT9 and wait for something to happen" for the UNSC, "wait for the admins to raise taxes/give people a reason to join us" or "just bumrush VT9 lamo" for the URF, and the covies spend most of the round cloaked and not doing much, from personal experience.

KS7 doesn't really do much, its just kinda there and has no significance, so no one really has to go there for anything important. Its a simple backwater mining colony, which there's nothing wrong with, as long as there is something there to do. It really needs something worthwhile there, for all of the sides.

ONI honestly just sit there and don't do anything, ever. Maybe once or twice they'll pump out a mech or orion, but that's if they even have a researcher in the first place, I think it'd be better if we just kinda...removed them, or maybe put them hidden away on KS7? A hidden ONI research base in the snow could lead to some amazing stories, IMO.

the "uknown signal" planet hasn't really been doing much, and I don't think anything's there tbh. might be best to save it for another GM.

tl;dr: condense things so its not as spread out and give people more to do, as for how to do those things, if they're not listed, i'll leave it up to you guys if you have any ideas.


Master Sergant Ava Greenshield


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