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First Contact revamp suggestions
I think FC needs at least some form of objectives for, at minimum, the Covenant. Though the URF could use them as well, possibly. The RoE is good as a guideline, but the Covenant are essentially objective-less besides "don't get seen and get forerunner artifacts." This is good to a degree and allows some great RP, but can mean extended periods of nothing as the Covvies just sit in space wondering where to go if no one takes charge.

Some degree of randomization is needed for this, I think, such as having the Covvies be searching for a SPECIFIC artifact somewhere in system, or they've been ordered to locate and steal one back from KS7, or they're needed to stop ONI from messing with holy artifacts on VT9, etc. Like traitor objectives, but for the whole faction, I guess.

It also means having actual artifacts to find, that do something other than be a spoon sprite called Alien Spoon or Weird Alien Tool. It also gives civilians/researchers/miners something to find and explore.

It does mean the Covvies need more tools, though. As of now they barely have flashlights and have a hard enough time walking through the various caverns on the planetside maps without getting lost or stuck.

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