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First Contact revamp suggestions

It's time for a bit of brainstorming and discussion. It has been noted that the First Contact gamemode does not attract all that much interest. Originally, according to the devs, it was a gamemode with the sole purpose was to test weapons and various features. Now it has changed, it is now a more relaxed gamemode that focuses on roleplay and character involvement.

It has been decided to open suggestions in order to eventually repurpose the gamemode, be it by suggesting ROE changes to meet specific IC needs. It could be having splinter factions that are part of an already existing faction but work on their own, for example. You can go wild in this thread and suggest whatever you want, granted you are serious. The core mechanics of the gamemode will likely stay the same, however it is entirely possible for us to get rid of the 'FC' part and make something new out of it. Different timeline, different goals, etc.

Emphasis on the go wild part. Literally anything that crosses your mind might be considered.
Do not suggest on the discord, we will only keep track of the suggestions that have been posted here. We are nice and involved but going through logs just to read John Halo begging for his very own secluded base which is an autistic fort 2.0 will simply be a waste of time and energy.

Now forgive for the shitty announcement, but my bed is calling for me.

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