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How to NOT make an admin complaint.
Your CKEY/BYOND username: Emoats18

Admin's CKEY/BYOND username: Koenigsegg

Details of complaint: Date: 10/19/2018 Time: 11:50:58 (servertime) Me and my friend svensis were playing on here as insurrectionists, some time into the round the covenant boarded our ship forcefully, I shot at the grunt, instead of it retreating back to its ship, it ran up the stairs to the bridge, shot at sven who was in the bridge, sven threw a grenade at the hallway it was in, I threw a grenade but overshot it and it landed too close to the bridge. That grenade that I threw caused the damage to the bridge, no one died as far as I knew, I had to evac because the one in colossus armor shot at me. After I landed on KS7 I was stuck in a ravine like place so I just shot myself because I had to drive my dad to his friends place. When I got back sven was banned and we tried to talk it over on discord to the banning admin (Koenigsegg) but I was ignored by him even though I threw the grenade that caused the damage. Sven was called a liar and banned. Also IC they were going to let him die because an admin was handling him, isn't that meta? Even though he was innocent.


[Image: 2s9dkcx.jpg]
[Image: e871at.jpg]
[Image: 14l682e.png]
Me, after getting home and throwing my keys down.
[Image: 2crav6c.jpg]
I have no idea who you are. You are not the one who was banned, judging by your Ckey. However, all bans are IP based, if you are sharing the same location / router / IP as the the banned user.

If you are not sharing the same router and / or IP as the banned user, I wonder why you tried to appeal his case in my DM's. You are not involved at all and therefore, should not even bring it up yourself. Someone reported a rogue Zeal that threw a grenade in the bridge, logs did not match your ckey, but another player's. The location of both the explosion and the activation for said grenade was located by the bridge of the URFS Thorn. There was no covenant blood anywhere in the upper level of the ship.

Since it is a staff complaint, I will not leave it up to my superior(s). You have my side of the story and my opinion on your involvement.
Admin complaints are meant to be taken seriously, not some 3rd person opinion on another users ban appeal. Get out of here with that shit.

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