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Becoming a Space Hero, UNSC App.
Ckey: SuicideRey

Discord name: Rey#6402

In-character name: Reinhardt Alstadt

general character info: Reinhardt a spacer born, he grew up restless on a space station he always dreamed of fairing free, he decided the dockside was not for him, so he left to become a space hero, a marine. Suffice to say it was not quite what he had had in mind.

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): Marine, Medic, varies.

Reason for joining: I enjoy Military gameplay and rp. It feels more at home than any other faction to me and my characters. The halo games I played always made marines look and feel very appealing to me, it's what I enjoy and what I feel I will be able to portray well.
Ckey: Streltsy

Discord name: Cossack#5011

In-Character name: Tyrannius Burian

General Char. Info: Tyrannius was born to a small family 3rd generation colonists in the Inner Colonies. He gained a reputation for being meticulous but malicious when it came to grudges - thereby truncating his stay at home post-secondary. Civilian life as a Paramedic jumping his way to Medical schooling ended there. Rather than risk jail-time for acting on his Jacksonian personality, he opted for a quiet tour in the Corps - seeking to get away and calm himself with cool discipline.

Character's Main Role: Marine Combat Medic

Reason for Joining: The action-oriented M-HRP gameplay keeps me coming back along with an old-school Halo fandom, thereby I really have no reason to be a long-term non-registered player. The fact that everyone save for Civilians are effectively anatagonists is another interesting feature - no one's good, everyone's alright at best.
Welcome the UNSC, also @Cussiek you needed to make your own thread.
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