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Heya Cuties!
My names Valmoric im a pretty optimistic and nice guy whos pretty hyper and sorta a social butterfly when it comes to the internet i enjoy meeting new people and interacting with them and their strange personalities and i almost always try to keep conversation fun and carefree. I am a big obsessive over History and Anime to the point that i basically base my life around them. Although one of my other big passions if Graphic Art, now i am not some amazing artist who can draw all kinds of OC's and art like that. Im more into the design aspect of Graphic Art. Designing Textures, Icons, Logos, Photoshop edits. Stuff like that. I enjoy being creative and and very organized and i carry all of that into RPing. Iv'e only recently gotten into SS13 as a whole and i have to say it is clicking with me hard. I enjoy the amount of detail that has gone into this and the amount of RP heavy servers i have found. I Usually only RP on MMO's or in tons of Tabletops i play with my close friends but now that i have found this it has given me a whole new prospect on RP. Back to the topic of m Graphical Art. I work for alot of different mods for HOI4 and Arma 3. Im not gonna list them hear because i wish not to Advertise. But i mainly do Logo and texture work for them.

[My Graphic Art]
[Image: A98e1WK.png]
Welcome to our fun little place!
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]
So far your work looks great! Keep at it, and welcome!
Hey guys! I’m Ruse or I just call myself that I’m not much of a talker or social light at all hints why I almost never get a chance to get special roles but besides that my hobbies are paintball fights riding on my four wheeler and from time to time playing some SS13 with my friends normally CM but since this server showed up ive kept an eye on it and can’t wait for the full release and if you want to play any SS13 hit me up I’ll try to play when I’m free but can’t promise anything till next weekend lol hope we get along  Big Grin

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