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URF Commander Complaint - Frontline03 "Isaac Riker"
I was unsure where to put this, as Frontline is actually pretty damn chill and cool in my opinion, but there's still an issue.

Isaac Riker, after losing ODST (Which is a shame, he was one of the few ODST who was willing to actually roleplay should you be captured by him, or you capture him.) instantly jumped right into commanding the URF quite a bit. The issue should be obvious why this is bad. I'm fine with him being on our team, or even being the ship captain, but Commander? I personally feel he doesn't quite have enough play time as the basic roles in the Insurrection to know how to lead them effectively. That and his leadership style is also a bit concerning.

Now, I'm literally a god damn space cowboy. I have no room to comment on style or gimmicks of other players - not that he has any issues there, Riker is fun to play with - but the way he tries to lead the URF is the issue. He tries to command the URF, which is usually a pretty large force like he would an ODST hit squad. He doesn't see the issues of "We don't have many guns," or, "We need ammo to do this!" I personally think that he very much could be one of the best commanders the URF have, he certainly proved his competence with the ODST and as an Oni guard, and I think with some more practice he could do amazingly.

There's a reason I don't trust myself to play commander, I leave stuff like that to URF legends like Danny Stone or Nathanial Rathens, who run the best teams I've ever seen. I feel I'm better in the position of captain, or just a simple sharpshooter, where I can still make decisions, but at the end of the day, there's someone to look up to and ask if this is a good idea.

At this point, you're likely wondering why I bothered to type out this long thing. Two reasons.

One, I'm sitting in class bored as all hell.

But two, I hope Frontline will read this, and think about it. Do I want him to get a ban from commander? God no, that would encourage him never to play it again. I want him to read this, I want -you- to read this, reader, and use it to get better. It's only in complaints because that's what it is - a complaint that someone who has the potential to be great at a role is squandering it. 

I encourage you, if you're reading Frontline, to think on how you lead a faction, how to best work with your soldiers and the Comet's captain to create a successful faction. The URF is majorly underpowered at the moment next to the likes of the UNSC and Covenant. What makes us a good faction is how we work together, is how we cooperate on a scale the Covenant and UNSC can't match. We aren't rank and file soldiers, we're guerrillas, we're a militia, and without good leadership? We're just poorly armed idiots running head first into the barrel of an MA5B. 

Do I expect you to take this to heart? No, not at all, I expect you to think I'm a pretentious prick. But I do hope you'll get what I'm trying to say, and that you'll become a better commander. We need more good commanders, and you have it in you to be just that. A very, very good commander.
Johnny Reno - URF Space Cowboy Captain - K I A
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Frank McClare - URF Cell Leader - Alive
Wish I could add my two cent but it’s been a while since I’ve been on but this is something to go by think of the factions strong and weak points before you lead it

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Gaze Allieme: A slightly psychotic but devout follower of the journey.
To be honest. I did switch to unsc ship captain, Mainly due to me not doing well as a commander(When I go commander, most of the time, we lose). I don't go commander anymore and being a ship captain is more manageable. Thank you, however, for your criticism Johnny Reno
They have improved since then, closing this
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