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Weekly overmap progress report #1
Going to try and do one of these every Wednesday until we get all the overmap stuff we want in the alpha done.

Anyway, at the moment I am currently working on the black market packer's ship, which we have decided will be a crashed Yonhet trading ship. For those of you who aren't well versed in the lore and don't want to go read the wiki, the Yonhet are a species from the Covenant Fringe that had mostly gone into hiding due to the scale of the Human-Covenant war. They are known to be extremely skilled at retrieving Forerunner artifacts.

Current Sectors:
  • Yonhet Ship
Current Issues
  • The control buttons for some of the shutters on the ship aren't linking, making it harder to get to some areas
[Image: 76561198022559245.png]
The guy who's hosting the forums, and does some coding too.
Neat, yeah I really never saw anything about the Yonhet until Halo: Nightfall.

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