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Boltersam's Ban Appeal
Your Byond/Ckey Username: Boltersam

Your character name (if relevant): Bapzap

Who were you banned by: Nightspark43

Date of ban: 02/06/2018

Length of ban: Until appeal

Full ban reason:

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: 

So, first of all, would like to apologise for the logout. Emergency, out of my hands. I'd realised after the engine room went up in flames that I'd need to stick around for questioning, but couldn't. 

I'd like to preface this by saying I wasn't aware as to the extent of the damage that would be caused (IE: Making the round unplayable for the Covenant), and assumed that the worst damage done would simply be destroying the fuel, and I assumed that the starter fuel (as has been mentioned a few times) would be capable of carrying the ship for the round as long as autopilot wasn't used.

Now, the situation leading up to the suicide bomb, cut short, is that I, as Bapzap, had discovered we were in human space or at least in the same system as humans, which breaks First Contact protocols. As the Kig'Yar crew didn't reassure him or put effort towards lying to or bullying him, this suspicion and eventually realisation grew over the course of the round's start. Eventually, I hid in the little side-room to the main engine room, taking the wrench with me as I hid to the left of the canister.

I ICly argued a bit with the Skirmisher (Overconfident due to being in a little hidey-hole) over the comms, before sending out a distress call once in Sangheili, and then in Galactic Common. I cut off the distress call with a yelp when the Skirmisher found me, but was unable to get at me without the wrench to move the canister, which I had secreted away with me. I tried to call for help over the system comms as the Skirmisher started by ordering me to get out, then actively threatening me. Naturally, I stayed in my, what I had assumed to be safe, hidey hole. 

Then the skirmisher, plasma pistol and shield in hand, figured out how to climb over the canister (This being directly after roaring that he'd tear me apart) and I did as I assumed most Unggoy would do in that situation. Grabbed both plasma grenades and ran at him screaming. I'd seen Unggoy do it before, breaching the ship, when kig'yar threatened to shoot them, so I assumed it would be fine.

Then it was to my horror as I ghosted after death and saw the engine room engulfed in flames. Apparently, I even destroyed an APC, making the round unplayable for the covenant. I didn't intend to do that at all, and assumed the worst my explosion would do is destroy the spare fuel. I had to leave due to an emergency and wasn't able to stick around to explain my side of the story.

I want to apologise to all of the Covenant players who were unable to play that round. It was wholly my fault, accidental or not.
Personally, I support this appeal, it was in character for an Unggoy, even if it ended up destroying both power and engines to the ship.

But, I need to wait for Koenigsegg to give their two cents before I'm confident in a full verdict.
Alright, I'm going to go ahead and say this is a dayban with a warning attached, while it was generally in character for an Unggoy to panic like that trapped basically alone on a ship with a Kig-Yar threatening them, it's also a little much for the server, I'm going to say, try to keep in mind this is a game server a lot of people play, if there's another big problem like this, then I'll have to recommend you be removed from the whitelist for a while.

And since it's a dayban from yesterday, it's practically up now, so I'll remove the ban when I'm able to.

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