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OI Staff Complaint Format
This will be the basic format for players to use when they feel the need to submit a complaint about one of our staff members.

 Office Of Investigations Forum 

Your CKEY/BYOND username:

Admin's CKEY/BYOND username:

Details of complaint: (Please also add the date and time in the detailed complaint, this will make this easy for us to verify somethings. Logs, screen shots, recordings, and dates will help the process greatly. Complaints without evidence cannot be acted upon.)

Rules For Posting:

1. No useless/nonsense posts. 

Posts that aren't relevant in any way, shape or form will be deleted. Posts that don't contribute in any way will also be removed. Opinion posting will be removed.

If you're just posting to say you hate the admin in question, your post will be deleted. If you're just posting to say you think they're nice, your post will be deleted. 

DO NOT POST, UNLESS YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO CONTRIBUTE IN A USEFUL MANNER. Repeat offenders may be banned if it warrants it.

2. This is STRICTLY for complaints about staff.

This is not about how you should be unbanned. This is not about how you hate a member of staff for banning you. This is for complaints about how member of staff has acted during their duties..

3. Posts here will be taken very seriously. It is expected that the posts will be written seriously.

Callings names, acting immature, posting flame posts without evidence, etc. will not be taken seriously. This is expected from everyone posting in an admin complaint thread.

4. Threads should be limited to one incident only.

This helps prevent two issues. One is that multiple incidents can get easily mixed up in a thread and eventually devolve it into becoming a peanut gallery, and two, it ends up causing an effect that hides multiple incidents under the guise of one. If you have a separate incident, please make a new thread instead of tacking it onto another one.

5. Additional

Threads without a resolution in 24 hours may be bumped for a response.

Regardless of the outcome, making multiple complaints about the same admin repeatedly without good reason is not allowed.

By posting an official complaint, you acknowledge that you may very well get someone punished per the head administrators judgement, including but not limited to a removal of rank or a strike against the staff member in question. If you do not want action taken against the staff member, you may try other avenues of approaching the issue such as talking to a head administrator in private or talking with the offending staff member and trying to resolve it with them first.
Your CKEY/BYOND username: jkeller098

Admin's CKEY/BYOND username: mactoperfuror

Details of complaint: after the server reverted me back to the lobby even though i was the only one to chose a role i A-helped about it and the admin did nothing not even being willing to let me observe and then have em spawn me and give me the gear for that role no they muted me from A-help and because i could not use A-help to ask one of the other admins i used OOC they then proceeded to mute me from that so i was using dead chat as a last ditch effort to at least get them to send me back to the lobby from observing but instead they baned me, the date of this occurrence is 4/17/2018
"so long and thanks for all the fish"

like to see who gets that one- dam it i left this thing on
Make a thread.
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