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Gamemode: City Hunt
General Summary: Essentially a gamemode based around the overall direction of Halo 3 ODST where the map is a multi z city at night where respawns are either nonexistent or limited, making stealth or evasion more important than regular combat. The humans will be various survivors of a Covenant attack and the only reason the city is still standing, albeit barely, is because there are relics in the city that the Covenant Luminary raised attention to. The Covenant players must both hunt for the humans and hunt for relics strewn throughout the city, returning them to their ship.

Details: The city will have 3-4 z levels including a basement level with sewers and basements, the street level, and each building will possibly be either a single story structure, two story, or sky scraper style tower. The entire map will have a run down, recently attacked, gritty and dark feel to it. I will be taking heavy inspiration from H3ODST with styling the city and adding the possibility of supply caches. This gamemode would not require Covenant being more fleshed out though that would be helpful.

Roles: The Covenant would have grunt minors, elite minors, and possibly a limit of 1-2 cloaked elites. The human roles would be surviving police, insurrectionists, marines, and a slim number of ODST that dropped late into the fight. Civilians were either killed or evacuated earlier before the round began.

This Gamemode would be based around humans either killing the remaining covenant or hiding out/running until they get what they want and leave. There would be no clear cut victory or loss, only a story of survivors in their last hours as aliens rip their city apart in search of what they believe to be Forerunner artifacts.
Sounds like fun.
They believe they have their false prophets on their side. Well let them believe what they will.

We have the MACs on our side.

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