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Guidelines (Formerly RoE/Faction Rules)
Current Year: 2531

The Rules of Engagement is a set of minor rules which are only punishable IC unless stated otherwise. Poor adherence to these guidelines is frowned upon. Excessive poor adherence can lead to OOC punishments.

  • The UNSC is here to protect the UEG and its citizens, as well as their own ONI base in the system. As any UNSC role, you must NOT randomly kill civilians (including NPCs) unless there is prior roleplay of some kind. These reasons could be as simple as refusing to comply inside an active warzone, being openly armed on the colony with an insurrectionist presence, or hindering the UNSC's objective on the colony. When in doubt, adminhelp it. Note: Killing civilians is almost always still going to break the UNSC's Marine Law, though this will be considered an IC issue (assuming it was OOCly approved in the first place)
  • ONI Researchers are expected to give the Forerunner artifact over to the UNSC Forces only when a covenant/URF threat is confirmed on the planet.

  • The UNSC forces by this point in the server timeline only have a vague understanding of the covenant and their technology. As such, your role depends on how much of this technology you can use:
Spartans: Can use everything the covenant has, including piloting their ships and vehicles as they have been extensively trained and are up-to-date with ONI's recent discoveries on the enemy's technology
Marines/ODSTs/Command Staff/ONI Guards: Can use all of the covenant's handheld weaponry such as plasma pistols and rifles due to familiarity with what they have found in the field.
ONI Researchers: Can use everything the covenant has, including piloting their ships and vehicles. In addition to this, researchers have the unique (RP) ability to teach other players about covenant technology. In order to teach a player how to use it, you must have a working, unbroken version of it available (Like a ghost that a grunt abandoned on the field) and must physically RP teaching the player the controls and such. When teaching another player, to avoid confusion, please use an adminhelp with a message like: I have taught Bob Smith how to pilot ghosts as an ONI Researcher. This is logged even if no admins are online at the time.
  • The UNSC values the Law. Command Staff MUST follow UNSC Law. In addition to this, Command Staff should enforce the law on their ships (In absence of MPs, which depend on the ship currently in rotation). This means ordering the arrest of marines for crimes committed should the situation be acceptable. (Do not brig a marine for breaking a door down when the covenant is currently glassing the colony) Command Staff who do not follow the Law may be subject to having their whitelist removed, or a temp jobban applied.
  • Marines are never to wear uniforms sanctioned outside normal UNSC regulations. This includes civilian clothing or insurrectionist gear as well as covenant. This is to prevent friendly fire and to show the enemy that we are a professional standing army. Failure to adhere to this will result in a dressing-down and potential demotion.
  • Covenant weapons can be used. They do come with penalties for humans, however... 
  • Defending a point or base must be done with a walkable route. No walling off sections or doors. No hiding artifacts or nukes in walls. Tank traps require at least a 1x1 gap in between. Stacking barbed wire is not allowed. It must be pathable from one side to the other. This is an actual rule, being posted here as a reminder. There are OOC consequences for this action.
  • ONI researcher bred slimes should be roleplayed out as an actual slime, which consumes everyone you get into contact with. Should this somehow occur.

URF GUIDELINES (Applies to all cells of insurrectionist):

  • The insurrection is here to free the citizens of the outer colonies from the tyrannical grip of the UNSC by any means necessary. And as such, they should not be murdering civilians (including NPCs) openly without sufficient RP. This can be as simple as refusing to follow an order or actively halting the progress of the insurrection. Creative RP such as"I shot all these civilians while wearing UNSC Gear so that the UNSC is blamed" may also be approved. When in doubt, adminhelp. When a civilian picks a side definitely, they lose their "civilian" status. This includes a civilian joining the URF, or the UNSC and taking up arms.
  • The Insurrection only has a vague understanding of the covenant at this point in the server timeline. With this knowledge, they may only use covenant technology if there is RP with a captured ONI Researcher or an X52 Researcher.
  • You are allowed to disguise yourself as a UNSC marine.


  • The Covenant is a highly religious group of aliens that have decided that humanity is a heretical race and that their very existence is an affront to their belief. The Covenant should not seek to join, team up, cooperate or otherwise be friendly with humans lest they are working for the greater good of the Covenant. Such as putting a stop to the flood, or deceiving them to gain anything of worth such as a forerunner artifact, prisoners, or information.
  • Covenant forces are either unable or unwilling (due to their beliefs) to use human technology, including their weapons, vehicles, equipment, or complex machinery. Use of their self-destruct nuclear devices, navigational chips and headsets are acceptable. If you're unsure, adminhelp.
  • Covenant forces may not use their plasma projector on planets (Orbital Bombardment may still be used.) if the forerunner artifact is on it. You are allowed to fire upon ships with the artifact on it, the destruction of the artifact via ship combat is an acceptable outcome. Use your artifact pinpointers to clarify the location of the artifact. This includes precision targeting just to hit a specific point or object, if you want to blast something in any way, the artifact must be off location first. (This is to help give leeway from forces just getting nuked in all engagements.)
  • Geminus City should not be glassed even if you have the artifact until a majority of capture points have been secured.
  • Most of the covenant live in extreme fear of their superiors at all times, whose zeal often is the cause of many beatings, if not deaths, of those who disobey. Mutiny for the covenant species is disallowed without admin permission and a sufficient IC reason. Brutes, due to their nature, are given more freedom with the reasoning but still need to adminhelp.
  • Sangheili are only allowed to surgically fix internal injuries if it was caused by combat.
  • Sangheili are OOCly expected to never be a heretic without admin permission. They are meant to be an example. Do not commit heresy or you may lose your whitelist. Sangheili are expected to uphold by the tenants as strict law and to make the others adhere to it. Unggoy Deacons are also treated as Sangheili in this regard.
  • Unggoy/Kigyar taking a trophy off the battlefield is not heresy, also wearing it is not heresy (helmets/hats). other items must be placed in your own room or cargo haul. This does not apply to body armor or weapons, helmet armors only.
  • Do not abandon your position for solo adventures. Stick with your squad.
  • Yanme'e may not be roleplayed as an Unmutual without admin permission.
  • Hurogok are expected to speak in one-word phrases. It should not be in multiple sequences like "HELP" "ME" "STRANDED" ect. One word, make it worthwhile.
  • Hurogok can only assist humans if their force was wiped out and humans have actively captured them. Sitting in front of the ONI base after abandoning your forces will lead to whitelist removal or further consequences such as IC interference by admins.
  • Hurgok can not use offensive actions, including overdosing people.
  • As a clarification, holding human prisoners is not heresy, even on extended holdings without purpose. The prisoners may be dealt with at the current acting shipmasters discretion.
  • Shipmasters have ultimate authority on how the armory is handled. If the shipmaster says nothing about an unggoy having an advanced weapon, then they can go on about whatever they have going on.

GCPD/Civilian GUIDELINES: (GCPD is currently a non-functioning defunct role)

  • The GCPD know near-nothing about the covenant aside from the fact that they are an alien race who have been destroying other colonies. More information can be ICly taught by those who know these things.
  • You may not join the UNSC or URF unless there is significant RP in place. Doing so causes you to lose your civilian status, as well as now having to obey that faction's OOC rules. You will still have to RP gaining the knowledge of the covenant after doing this.
  • You are not a soldier. You're a colonist trying to live their life. Do not powergame for gear around the colony unless there is an IC reason to be doing so
  • The GCPD is there to serve and protect, as well as following the laws that the mayor sets to the best of their ability. They are not Judge, Jury, and Executioner. You will be expected to non-lethally take down civilian criminals where possible.


(Non-Governed Colonies are allowed to create their own guidelines)

  • Illegal Firearm - 15 Minutes, Confiscation of Firearm
  • Illegal Drugs - 10 Minutes, Confiscation and Destruction of Drugs.
  • Trespass - 5 Minutes, Questioning
  • Breaking and Entering - 5 Minutes, Questioning
  • Assault (Non-Lethal Punches, Disarming/Pushing) - 5 Minutes
  • Aggravated Assault (Lethal Punches, Neck Grabs, any/all wrestling 'attacks') - 15 Minutes, Questioning
  • Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon (Attacking someone with a knife/gun butt/spear/gun) - 30 Minutes, Questioning, Confiscation of Weapon
  • Attempted Murder (Shooting someone, repeated attacks with deadly weapons. Typically paired with Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon. This does not apply to marines... typically. If the marine has broken the ROE, yes. If not, no.) - Permanent Confinement, Questioning, Confiscation of Weapon
  • Murder - Permanent Confinement, Questioning, Execution
  • Assault on an Officer (or Marine) - 25 Minutes, Questioning
  • Insurrectionist Activity - Extradition to the UNSC
  • Attempted Murder of an Officer (or Marine) - Summary Execution
  • As an aside, if a marine is acting 'rogue', give them a chance to come in, and question them thoroughly. If they refuse, subdue and question them thoroughly. Ensure you listen to both sides.

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