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Rules of Engagement

* Before deploying, state ship name, ship's CO (if any, if not, simply state 'Of the UNSC fleet'). State that you are performing a routine colony check-up. (Optionally, explain existence of intelligence rumors of URF activity.)

* Once deployed, request a meeting with the mayor. If no mayor exists, request a meeting with the Chief of Police. Don't worry about neither existing. DO NOT DRAW YOUR WEAPONS AND RUSH AROUND. This is not yet an active warzone. Keep your guns on your back or your armor.

* Inform the mayor you will be taking over <STRUCTURE> for use as a temporary base of operations for the duration if you intend to have one.

* If/when URF elements are spotted, do not simply open fire and mow them down unless under fire yourselves or given orders of going "hot" by a higher up. Order them to lay down and do nothing. You are permitted to fire if they do not comply. Immediately following either hostilities or the successful capture of your URF element, call out over shipboard comms your location and that URF elements have been spotted. Non-civilian hostages can be executed at any time for any reason.

* At this point, inform the colony over general comms that the area is an active warzone pending the eradication of all URF elements. Inform all civilians that martial law may be applied. Inform all civilians that firearms on their person will result in immediate subduing and questioning by the local police. Furthermore, inform all colonists, including police, that IDs must be clear and present, and face-obscuring items may not be worn. If any marines or GCPD are found wearing face-obscuring items or refuse to present their ID, subdue them and cuff them. Anyone pulling a gun out in front of Marines, or spotted with one in plain view, is to be given a single warning, typically while aiming a gun at them, before opening fire.

* Should the threat be great enough (Decision rests with Marine Command), the colony can be placed under martial law. If this occurs, the Marine Officer who declares martial law must inform all civilians that they are to return to their homes or the town hall, or some other designated building, and to remain there. All civilians are to be searched by the GCPD/Marshall, and any weapons or illegal items confiscated and that civilian placed under arrest pending interrogation.

* Should the URF elements have irrevocably infested the colony (all civilians known sympathizers, GCPD complicit or atively hostile, then the Commander (and only the commander) can authorize the usage of the colony's sole nuclear weapon to annihilate the enemy. To do so, he must first contact UNSC High Command (admins) via fax and request authorization of the colony's nuclear codes, then find and secure the authentication diskette carried by the mayor, before finally using both to arm and detonate the nuclear weapon itself.

* The Hospital is *NEVER* to be used as a base of operations, and is likewise *NEVER* a valid target for retaliatory strikes, unless the URF have actively claimed the structure.

* (GEMINUS SECTOR)The MAC Cannon should, up until martial law is declared, be left in the capable hands of the GCPD. Once it's been declared, however, the bunker should be occupied by at least one marine at all times, and fortified to boot. Should the risk of capture become more or less certain, overload the cannon to prevent it falling into URF hands

* Marines are never to wear uniforms sanctioned outside normal UNSC regulations. This includes civilian clothing or insurrectionist gear also covenant . This is to prevent friendly fire, and to show the enemy that we are a professional standing army. Failure to adhere to this will result in a dressing-down and potentially demotion.

* UEG has sent you to Geminus to ferret out any potential URF activity. The colony is not to be considered immediately hostile. Furthermore, UEG structures, such as the MAC Cannon, are UEG property, not the colony's. The destruction of such structures by UNSC forces without explicit permission from UNSC High Command will result in a court-martial.

* Strict avoidance of killing civilians should be in place unless otherwise stated in the guidelines. A colonist simply vocally supporting the URF is not a reason to put a bullet in its head.



* You are, however, a saboteur, spy, and supporter of the URF. You can build for them, run errands they can't risk being seen doing (bar, of course, opening fire on Marines. You aren't suicidal, I hope.) You can make bombs, medicines, report on UNSC locations and injured, numbers and the like. You can attempt poisoning or 'accidentally' letting them die if you are trying to treat their injuries. You can attempt to sway the mayor to the URF's side. Your role isn't one of mass combat, it's one of some solid roleplay.
* However you may engage in active hostilities if you are in a prime setting for sabotage, such as finding yourself on the UNSC frigate or the MAC.


* Do not rush to raid places within the first 10  minutes of the round.
* You as the URF( UNITED REBEL FRONT)your main goal is to free the outer system from the UEG by crushing & pushing the UNSC back, So you shouldn't be attacking civs and the colony itself unless the civs are a major threat.[/font][/b]

*It is suggested to quietly deploy but not mandatory. Send a sympathizer, recruiter, or disguised agent to the mayor. Speak to them, get a feel for their perception of the URF. Try to find something to blackmail him with. Kidnap Ian, for instance. Or someone close to them.[/font][/b]

 Don't go sprinting to the MAC cannon and obliterating the frigate before the Marines ever land. Realistically, the distress signal would get intercepted and you'd have half a fleet breathing down your neck

* Let the recruiter, if any, spread propaganda. You should be off public comms, quietly meeting with the colonists in disguise and giving them aid and succor from the tyrannical UNSC. If the UNSC appropriate a public location for their base, ask the mayor and colonists why they're letting the military take over the colony!

* If you spot a UNSC Marine, aim your gun at them! Tell them to get down on the ground and don't move, then go and handcuff them, strip their radio, and get them somewhere out of sight for... 'interrogation' Unless giving orders of going "hot" you can open fire. Hostages can be executed at any time for any reason.

* Use your communication bugs! Pop a few of these in popular locations and you can do quite a lot through the colony's cameras. Sympathizers are a great way to spread these around!

* (GEMINUS SECTOR)Once the fireworks have started in earnest, try to free up a couple of friends to try and capture the MAC cannon. Be inventive in the way you get inside. Maybe you thermite the walls down and then lob a chloral hydrate smoke grenade inside. Maybe you bomb your way in and gun everyone down.


*(GEMINUS SECTOR) You should move to secure the MAC bunker immediately after assessing your staff. At least one GCPD officer should be present in the bunker at all times. Do not sit in the firing room. Stay in your designated checkpoint.

*(GEMINUS SECTOR) The Chief of Police should speak to the mayor when the Marines announce their presence. The Marines should *NOT* be arrested by the GCPD. The police do not handle the military. The military police handle the military. (We should really get an MP role, as well, someday?)

* Should the mayor or Chief of Police suspect URF elements, or URF elements become known, the Detective should be given a new-minted ID card stating they are a simple colonist, and immediately proceed to mount an undercover investigation, complete with recording devices and camera. The detective should present his findings to the Chief of Police directly, not to the mayor.

* The armory should not be opened until there is actual hostilities engaged, or circumstances become extremely dire. (IE the mayor sides with the URF openly, URF assault the precinct, or the colonists revolt.)

* After subduing any suspect for any reason, a single officer with medical training should ensure they are healthy enough to interrogate. Specifically, that they will not die during questioning or bleed all over the precinct floor.

* Should a colonist be found guilty of breaking the law, handcuff them and take them to the precinct. Ensure they are wearing prisoner oranges before setting the timer on their cell. Do not leave prisoners bucklecuffed to a bed, always take their cuffs off after strip-searching them.

* If martial law is declared, all GCPD/Marshall should report to the public destination of all colonists. Typically, this is the town hall. Once there, they should thoroughly check all colonist's gear for hidden weapons or other contraband. The presence at the MAC bunker should be increased as well.

* The marines should be allowed handcuffs, if requested, to non-lethally capture potential hostiles

* (GEMINUS SECTOR)Chief of Police is not allowed to go in and grab the spare ID for any reason.

UEG COLONY LAWS (Guidelines Only)

* Illegal Firearm - 15 Minutes, Confiscation of Firearm
* Illegal Drugs - 10 Minutes, Confiscation and Destruction of Drugs.
* Trespass - 5 Minutes, Questioning
* Breaking and Entering - 5 Minutes, Questioning
* Assault (Non-Lethal Punches, Disarming/Pushing) - 5 Minutes
* Aggravated Assault (Lethal Punches, Neck Grabs, any/all wrestling 'attacks') - 15 Minutes, Questioning
* Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon (Attacking someone with a knife/gun butt/spear/gun) - 30 Minutes, Questioning, Confiscation of Weapon
* Attempted Murder (Shooting someone, repeated attacks with deadly weapons. Typically paired with Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon. This does not apply to marines... typically. If the marine has broken the ROE, yes. If not, no.) - Permanent Confinement, Questioning, Confiscation of Weapon
* Murder - Permanent Confinement, Questioning, Execution
* Assault on an Officer (or Marine) - 25 Minutes, Questioning
* Insurrectionist Activity - Extradition to the UNSC
* Attempted Murder of an Officer (or Marine) - Summary Execution
* As an aside, if a marine is acting 'rogue', give them a chance to come in, and question them thoroughly. If they refuse, subdue and question them thoroughly. Ensure you listen to both sides.


* You are allowed to choice to support the URF/UNSC

* You are allowed to do illegal activities such as gun running, drug selling, robbing and fighting other civs. Note these crimes are limited to only to be acted upon fellow civs not the UNSC or URF unless in self defense you can fight them back.

* Do not be a hero, as a colonist you only want to live another day, contact local authorities instead.

* Report to the Mayor for roles when you arrive. If there is no mayor you are allowed to run an election.


* In first contact note you are members of the covenant empire still bound by its rules and such (No using heretic gear like human guns and vehicles) , your tasks in this outer system is to scout it out for the empire to see if there is anything worth noting ( Holy relics, Human settlements, stolen covenant gear etc)  while also disabling key strategic point from the UNSC before the main  battleship comes.

* (FC) Do not get involved in fights with local parties  (Human fighting each other), just obverse them  and move to your objectives unless you've been dragged into it by outside forces.

* (FC) Stay off open comms as to keep you and your crew presence hidden for the humans unless you've been compromised.

* (FC) Do not rush to raid places within the first 10  minutes of the round.

* (FC) Once a forerunner artifact is found send a fax to high charity to confirm completing your task and capture it 

* If you are able to capture someone of tactical value do it instead of killing them outright, unless they serve zero tactical advantage or is a threat. 

* Unggoy taking a trophy off the battlefield is fine, but wearing it is fine (helmets/hats). But do not wear marine boots and other items like that just place your trophy in your own room or cargo haul.

* (FC) Do not causally walk onto human settlements, you must find a way in without being detected if you need to raid unless ordered by high charity to purge heretics

* (FC) If for some reason you run into a civilian ship and they board your ship you are clear to kill them so your cover isn't blown, unless they are wounded already and require aid take them in as prisoners and study them but leave no trace of the human ship.

* (FC) If you come in contact with a military force and can't evade you are clear to open fire, but still actively try to leave the combat zone! As your ship holds important intel for the covenant, if you fail to get away send a fax of your findings before you evacuate or die on the vessel.
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