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xEvilxHybridx's Sangheili Application
Ckey: XEvilXHybridX

Discord name: xEvilxHybridx

In-character name: Xito 'Vralkam

general character info: draft of general info: Xito 'Vralkam was a fierce Sangheili even for a child, He was equally deadly as he was silent. his family trained him for combat when his talents started to show. ( I'm not doing Thel Vadam i promise its just based off it ) Xito 'Vralkam was soon the fiercest warrior of his clan. He was different then all the other's though, instead of attacking head on he always found a way to outsmart the enemy.

Reason for joining : I've always liked the Covenant and Elites were the best species i liked.
Denied, you were banned from the discord.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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