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Emerald Blood - Covenant Application
Ckey: Emerald Blood
Discord name: SapphireVoid
In-character name: Fatasa Xernal Khatre
general character info: Fatasa Xernal Khatre is the segmented hunter of Ichiri Xernal Raza and shares intense bond all Hunters share with their Bond Brother. Fatasa stands 12'7" out of combat, compressing down to 8'3" for protection in combat. While armed a heavy assault cannon in their armor, Fatasa enjoys crushing their enemies under the weight of their armored shield. Always by their Bond Brother's side, Fatasa will do everything to make sure they're safe. If Ichiri was to fall, Fatasa would be sent into a frienzied berserk, stopping for nothing or no one.
Reason for joining : I'm interested in joining the Halo Server and the idea of playing a bonded Hunter with another player seems like an enjoyable and good RP experence.
Welcome friend!
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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