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Very nise persin's Covenant Application
Ckey: Very nise persin
Discord name: woah hold up buddy
In character name: Drakalais
General Character info: An 8'5 Sangheili, bearing a genetic disability causing his mandibles to be crooked, giving him teeth similar of that of a Mako shark. He is quite agile for his large size, and prefers the quiet approach, bearing the iconic energy sword for his weapon. He does not believe in killing an unarmed enemy, as he believes combat should be fair.
Reason why I'm joining: I love Halo, I grew up playing Halo combat evolved and Halo 2 on my original Xbox, Halo 2 being my favorite. I also love the covenant, the races are all so interesting to me. ss13 is a favorite of mine, and so a are mid-hrp servers. Escal(redacted) was awesome, and this looks like it combines Halo, ss13, and a favorite of mine, so I want to join the race I prefer.
For the great journey
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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