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Silas4000 Covenant application.
Ckey: Silas4000
Discord: Silas4000
In character name: Fixos Xoko Makka (The two share a bond name known as collective)

General info: Fixos is a Mgalekgolo hunter who is bonded to the hunter Xoko. Fixos himself speaks few words, he generally only speaks when necessary. He follows orders ruthlessly and is all too happy to smash in the head of any enemy who gets in his way. He is armed with the standard hunter weapons and armor and seeks to possibly gain rank within the Covenant hierarchy. 

Reason for joining: As a huge fan of both halo and ss13, I saw that this server might have the potential to be a ton of fun. The Lekgolo are my personal favorite race in the covenant so I decided to try and apply for the covenant using a Lekgolo character I had come up with.
You shall slave away for the Prophets!
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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