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Krug's God-Tier Covenant Master Race Application
Ckey: Krugalicious
Discord Name: Krugalicious
In-Character name: Sludmud
General character info: The most hardcore, badass, gruntiest goddamned unggoy around. Of course, he's never been promoted past the rank of minor in his short lifespan, but that's just because those pesky Kig-Yar are obviously sabotaging him. Definitely not due to any measure of incompetence. To quote, "It's not cowardice, it's tactical retreat".
Reason for joining: I've always secretly wanted to play an unggoy in a halo game. This is the closest thing I'll probably come to it. Plus, they seem fun to RP.
For the great Journey
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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