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Major Playtest Friday 12/8
Halo: Space Station Evolved Playtest 


  We have another planned testing this Friday 12/8 at 1 PM CST and another testing for the late night players  9 PM CST. In this update the general changes are for Insurrection with an introduction of a new map Far Isle to new specialized ODST armor, Insurrectionist leader role and new gear for them as well with update sprites! Be sure to join a faction to get the most of this mode with access to a team voice & text channels for planning and faction RP in discord. 
[Image: sYZIWt4ZReWA-SuLr8fZMA.png]
   Next on the list for this playtest is our new gamemode which is more PvE focused "Stranded" in which the players are UNSC survivors crash landed on an alien planet with waves of Flood coming in. Scavenge resources from around the map and build a base to hold them off, and survive until the pelican arrives, and to wrap the testing all up we shall be running FFA Slayer and Team Slayer matches for balance QA
[Image: JvVA9fdRRaK7GJAHlmEzQg.png]
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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