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Nightspark43 Covenant App
Ckey: Nightspark43
Discord name: Nightspark43 #2718
In-character name: Sig
general character info: A T'vaoan Murmillo standing at 7 feet when standing at full height, though he only comes up to around 5'6" in the normal hunched state.  Skilled more in sniping than assault, prefers the use of a T52 SAR or T50 SRS to a T31 NR with a T33 GML as a sidearm despite the disadvantage against shielded targets.  He displays an odd fixation on human objects, often scavenging personal objects from slain or captured humans and human installations and keeping them for an ever-increasing hoard.
Reason for joining: Since I first played Halo I've loved the various species in the Covenant, my personal favorite being the Kig-Yar and the sub-species in them, and this is pretty much my only opportunity to play as a Kig-Yar in anything.

Kinda not really needed, but I wanted to show off my support and my soon-to-be main character.
Sup dood, how's it goin?
Non staff shouldn’t be posting in the apps, anyway welcome
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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