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Cre77 Covvie App
Ckey: Cre77
In-character name: A name BEFITTING of a COMING of a NEW AGE! A name that shall ECHO across the AGES, striking FEAR into every being for CENTURIES to COME! A NAME that shall be ETCHED into the very PILLARS that make the HISTORY of this MULTIVERSE... Dapdab. 
general character info: SIX point FIVE METRIC TONS of PURE BADASSERY tightly packed into a 5'1'' STAR-FORGED 100 percent UNNGOY-BORN frame brimming with PERFECTION that LACES THE VERY GENES of this FLAWLESS CREATURE. GAZE upon MAGNIFICENCE, DESIST in AWE. Look at the CHISELED HEAD, face DEATH ITSELF. Stare into the BURNING EYES, FALL before the WARRIOR SPIRIT.

Reason for joining : muh speshul snowflake alien chars  I like Covenant, and I generally enjoy playing the role of the "opposing force". Must be the years I spent as an extra of the school theatre club taking their toll. Besides, who can resist the offer of EMBRACING this RACIAL PERFECTION known as UNNGOY? 
For The Great Journey
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]
What is your discord name
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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