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Insurrection Playtest this Friday 27th 1 pm CST
Halo: Space Station Evolved Playtest

       We are proud to say once again we have a playtest this Friday 27th for  Insurrection at 1 pm CST, this is a retake on the old version since the our recent rebase  to the new code and keep in mind those features will return in the near future. the basic run down of the gamemode as give by the dev XO-11 "The UNSC has discovered an insurrectionist asteroid base, and have sent in teams of ODSTs to eradicate the insurrectionists, individually or by activating a nuclear device in the base's vault. However, the assault craft's approach has not gone unnoticed." 

I can't wait see what kind of soldiers the UNSC sent us this FRIDAY!!!!
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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