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Stresstest/playtest this Friday 30th 1am GMT
After the (overall) successful previous playtest we've gotten loads of feedback, setup various issues and set about implementing it. Thanks so much to everyone doing testing immediately before and in the days after the test - it feels like we're finally getting something playable. The reason for the extended dev time, radio silence and (slightly) struggling playtests is obvious to anyone who's checked out the playtest server... the sheer amount and scale of fresh new content. So naturally there's going to be some major teething issues.

Anywhoo check Discord and I'll post reminders over the next few days. Remember to adjust for your timezones as appropriate (-5 to -7 hours adjustment for US folks, making the test on Thursday 29th). See you there (if the test goes well enough it will be a fantastic way to ring in the new year).
Thanks for everyone who turned up, it was great to see almost a dozen people on and ready and we managed to actually get in and fly around this time as well as issue'd and fixed a load of bugs.

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