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Playtest Date Anouncement
Hello Everyone!

After much silence and lack of progress being announced, we are pleased to let everyone know we will be having our first official play test on Friday December 23rd at 1 AM GMT. @Cael_Aislinn will be hosting this event and providing directions to ensure that everyone is able to properly use the new features and have some fun.

We hope to see you there!
[Image: 76561198022559245.png]
The guy who's hosting the forums, and does some coding too.
It'll be hosted on the test server, and we'll have a few people helping run the playtest which will be a curated (admin assisted) runthrough of the Insurrection gamemode. Stuff we'll be testing will include fighter dogfights, modifying fighter loadouts, boarding via maglock shuttles or dropships and exploring the two multiz maps.
Ok we've identified some issues to address, thanks for everyone who turned up. We'll probably try another one in a week on the ordinary server.

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