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Introducing strategy elements to our 2D spaceman simulator: Logistics and teamwork
CM gameplay has a lot of inspiration for the direction I want to take HS13. An asymmetrically balanced competitive PvP mode with player specialisation (classes) meaning teamwork is a large component of winning, and distribution of equipment can help or hinder those classes. Although these aspects are present in vanilla SS13, CM refined and focussed the design aspects to enhance them into a unique focussed gameplay environment. A number of our planned features are similar, but with the added goal of enabling and expanding on non-combat gameplay to better support roleplay.

Faction politics
- "Civilian" players are loosely affiliated and can sabotage, negotiate/aid or switch sides at will.
- Sometimes a greater threat can arise which will force bitter enemies to set aside their differences just to survive...

Added Support Player roles
- Fighters and bombers require refuelling, repairing and rearming after each engagement while pilots will require rest (or stimulants).
- Fighters and bombers need coordination and target setting from players in command to be effective.
- Marines are initially cloistered away in their barracks, their deployment needs to be coordinated via dropship with a pilot and a drop target (same with their extraction).
- Vehicles, weapons and gear are customisable so analyse your enemy's gear to determine their weaknesses.

New types of combat
- Dogfighting requires a different skillset in customisable vehicles.
- Capital ship combat requires careful positioning to maximise weapons fire while minimising damage. Players can crew turrets to help protect their ship.
- Electronic warfare, mines, targetting capital ship weakpoints and infiltration by boarding are all alternative options for defeating your enemy.

Electronic warfare
- Minimise your emissions to stay hidden, or simply lurk near something "loud" enough to disguise you.
- Encrypt your comms to prevent eavesdropping, but the more you talk the easier it is to decrypt.
- EMP weaponry can temporarily disable vehicles, weapons and components.
- Lock on missiles can be fooled or spoofed.
- Infiltrators can hack in to disable or overload systems. Particularly advanced tech can do it remotely...
I cannot wait for this to finish
I mentioned this briefly in the dev chat the other day, but I'd love to see masers available as a hard to intercept method of ship-to-ship communication. Maybe with the ability to re-purpose it as a weapon that can blow out some systems on smaller shuttles and such.
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