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Progress Update
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It's been a while since we've done an official one of these hasn't it? Anyway, here's what's new:
  • Due to issues, a new, smaller map is in the works.
  • The resources system is on the back burner, but procedural asteroid field gen is done.
  • The overmap is nearing completion
  • The new fighter component system has been merged
  • Docking is still Coming Soon
  • We now have a Discord

Smaller Map
Due to concerns about the size of the previous map, and the occasional issue with the map itself, the PoA has been replaced. Currently a new map based on the Charon-class light frigate is being made. The PoA may return depending on player count.

While the new resource system is on the back burner, procedural asteroid generation has been finished. Asteroids will be a good source of valuable materials in some planned game modes.

Lots of good news here guys. This is pretty much done. Only thing left for the alpha release is docking. If you have any suggestions for destinations to add in future releases, please let us know in the relevant section of this forum.

The new fighter component system has recently been merged. There have been a few posts showing this off in the dev forum lately. Pilots can now have components on their fighters be swapped out depending on their mission.

A Discord has been setup as we know many of you don't like to use Skype that much.
[Image: 76561198022559245.png]
The guy who's hosting the forums, and does some coding too.

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