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Application for the Great Journey
CKEY: strawberryskunk

Discord: Overlord L426V
Server Discord: Shela 'Metal 01' Jones

In-Character name:
Covies: Yeckyet, Fortifys-The-Home

General Character Info: 
Yeckyet: A tvaoan working for the highest bidder, he serves the covenant with his skills of assassination and construction

Fortifys-The-Home: A hugarok ensalved like all the rest, this one specializes in construction and repairs, able to predict lines of attack to strengthen them.

Reason for Joining:
Yeckyet: Money good, no have talk much but know get job done. Keep shinies of dead, keeps me workings

Fortifys-The-Home: *Churrs with knowledge*

Im tired of being a Kig Yar only

Roleplay example/history:
1) Im a furry, roleplay is our blood
2) Fallout servers
3) Skyrat
4) Deadspace server
5) SCP server where I was a paper pusher (I still have all the guides to make paperwork shiny)
6) GMOD Halo RP revival server 

more indepth with factions details?:
I dont know what to put here except that Ill just be a Hugarok and Tvaoan
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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