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Discord Ban Appeal, PostmanPet/orlando_furioso
Your Byond/Ckey Username: PostmanPet

Your Discord Username: orlando_furioso

Your character name (if relevant): Anthony Mathews

Who were you banned by: Don't quite remember, I THINK it was Lemon? Quite some time has passed and the details are sadly out of my mind

Date of ban: Unavaiable

Length of ban: Permanent

Full ban reason: Posting a racially offensive meme in general chat of discord server

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned:
Yeah, let's begin with the sole fact that it was INCREDIBLY stupid of me. There's no real saying that I'm sorry or whatever, but after some time has passed I'd like to return to community. To my reckoning it was more then half of a year since the discord ban was administered, and I believe it was enough time for myself to mature a bit and not post something like this again. 
Approved! I'll have you unbanned shortly.

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