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Procedural Asteroids Tech Demo
I made a video to show off the procedural asteroid generation I was working on recently. It runs through the entire algorithm in slow(ish) motion showing off the process from start to finish. Contains Music for Programming Gods of the New Age.
Oh! This is fantastic! Though, I couldn't help but notice that your map saver took on the order of a minute... Does your saver use a repeated string concatenation? I've found that it's like 20x faster, when at the scale of an entire z level, to instead add each bit of text to a list, then call `joinlist` at the end, when you need your string to be fully assembled. Doing so, I've been able to save elaborate z levels, such as Paradise's Cyberiad, in only ~7 seconds, the key->instance writing taking less than half a second, as opposed to the 70 seconds that step took before.
Yeah it's using Lummox's DMM Mapsuite from 2006 which does string concats lel. It could rewritten to use joinlist pretty quickly but it's basically just a neat gimmick for us at the moment. If you want our mapsave code is up on ghub so you could have a look yourself Wink
looks great cant wait

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