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Ranno's Spartan WL (For da discord role >:) )

Discord name (eg Bob#123): ranno#1669

How long have you been a member of the UNSC?: 2 years or like a year and a half it's somewhere inbetween those two

Have you ever been banned here, or on other servers?: Never banned from here but I've been permbanned on yogstation

Why do you think this application should be accepted? I've been a ODST officer in the discord for awhile and considering how I play UNSC most rounds and play Spartan pretty often I've got quite a bit of experience. I am also quite robust when my internet isn't trying to murder me

Name of the Spartan you want to play (Name-000. Avoid commonly known numbers like -117.): I almost solely use randomized names but incase I need one thenĀ Altus-529

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